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Roblox's Hacker Typer Lets You Feel Like You're a Super Spy



Roblox is a ridiculously popular free online game that 1-2 million people play every single day. It's so popular that even Kanye West (allegedly) drew inspiration from the game for the "I Love It" music video with Lil Pump. Seriously, just watch it and tell me this totally isn't a Roblox-inspired video.

One of the reasons Roblox is such a hit is that the game's constantly evolving thanks to a user community that's constantly creating extensions and extras for players to use, like Hacker Typer.

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All right, so Hacker Typer isn't exactly a functional tool that's going to help you become better at the game. Nor does it open up any new gameplay functions or features — it's something that's purely cosmetic and is more of a prank/gag than anything else.

So what does Hacker Typer do? Contrary to the app's name, there really isn't any "hacking" going on. Nor is it an app that's unsafe to use or install.

Source: Roblox
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While free-to-play games with active user app submissions see their fair share of spam and spyware that is designed to collect your data, Hacker Typer is fairly innocuous, for the most part. That doesn't mean you should go and install any old Hacker Typer app, though. There are always tons of Roblox users who are looking to gain access to your account and pilfer your precious Robux.

There are a variety of ways people can gain access to your account. Some less-than-scrupulous online gamers will get you to install specific apps that redirect your information to them, like key-logging data. They then use that gathered data, scrub through whatever logged keys they got their hands on to find your login and password to your account and then take control of your online Roblox identity.

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Granted, that's a lot of work, most Roblox hackers and scammers use phishing type tactics to get your precious information... and you unwillingly give it to them. Everyone who's played the game has encountered the throngs of "Blue Men" that are constantly spamming offers like free Robux and other goodies, but, and this can be easily discerned from the "spammy" language they use: they're all phishing attempts.

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Source: Roblox
Source: Roblox
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Here's how they work: You basically click on a link that they send to you and, depending on how much thought and work they put into the web page they've created, it'll seem like a Roblox login page. When you input your username and password, you're basically just giving them your account information.

They then use that account info to gain access to your account, but you basically fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book on the internet.

Source: Roblox
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Hacker Typer isn't any of those tools, however, all it does is display a random, "hack-ey" looking screen that appears to have been ripped out of every movie or lame TV show ever. All you need to do is mash a bunch of random buttons on your keyboard and then hit the alt key when you've had your fill of meaningless code to get an "Access Granted" message. If you go to hackertyper.net you can get a good idea of how it functions — it's basically the same thing.

Another "Hacker Typer" tool is basically an elaborate prank that makes people believe they actually hacked the game to get a ton of Robux. Longtime players of the game won't be fooled by this, but it's always great to ruin a few n00bs' days by getting them to run it. There are detailed instructions here on how to do this prank.

Happy "hacking!"

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