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Source: Getty

Nicki Minaj Has to Answer to the Internet After Her Song "Yikes" Included a Line About Rosa Parks


Nicki Minaj is no stranger to controversy or for raising eyebrows with the lyrics to her songs. But when she dropped a preview of her song "Yikes" on Instagram on Feb. 3  just in time for Black History Month, her followers were shook. One line of the song mentions Rosa Parks followed by some expletives and now the internet is up in arms about the Nicki Minaj drama with Rosa Parks.

While it’s hard to say just what Nicki meant by what she rapped in her newest song, the fact that she mentioned the late civil rights activist with anything but accolades didn’t sit well with anyone who has heard the snippet so far. Fans have taken to Twitter to call out Nicki for her seemingly tasteless line in the song and to point out that it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Nicki herself has yet to comment on what the lyrics to "Yikes" even mean, but the damage has already been done.