Cataract Karen Demands Appointment at a Doctor's Office, Employee Stands Her Ground

A Karen walked into a doctor's office demanding an appointment. After she got rude with a doctor's office employee, she got blasted by social media!

Pretty Honore - Author

Jul. 27 2023, Published 7:11 p.m. ET

Another day, another Karen was caught on camera in the wild doing what she does best. Karens, by nature, carry around their sense of entitlement like a Gucci handbag.

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From blocking drive-thru lanes to wreaking havoc on a train, middle-aged white women with asymmetrical bobs have become Public Enemy Number One. Yet, their quest to speak to the manager continues.

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Among the most outrageous Karens in the news these days is Cataract Karen — a woman who stormed into an eye doctor’s office demanding an appointment. Unfortunately for her, TikTok user @lexxa_88 wasn’t going for it.

Here’s some context.

Karens gone wild: Watch this doctor’s office employee get a rude patient all the way together.

More often than not, people who work in customer service get the short end of the stick because “The customer is always right,” but @lexxa_88 wanted all the smoke when a Karen came at her the wrong way.

In a series of videos she posted in late July 2023, viewers see her go head-to-head with Karen who just wouldn’t quit.

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Source: TikTok

In a follow-up video, @lexxa_88 gave her followers a bit of a backstory as to what happened in the video, which she actually filmed two years before she uploaded it on TikTok.

According to @lexxa_88, it was closing time when a patient came into the office. All the employees had already clocked out, the only thing to do was lock the doors.

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Still, @lexxa_88 let the patient in to let her reschedule the appointment she missed that day. Sure enough, the doctor’s office employee found an available appointment. The problem? It wasn’t at a time that was convenient for Karen.

Source: TikTok
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Although @lexxa_88 kept it calm, cool, and professional in the video, Karen ranted and raved. Karen argued that @lexxa_88 “better” book the appointment when she wants it, but the TikToker stood her ground.

During the videos, Karen also let off a few f-bombs, and b-bombs, and … well, you get the point. After a few minutes, @lexxa_88 demanded that the irreverent woman leave the facility.

In the comments, other TikTok users praised @lexxa_88 for standing up for herself.

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“Yes, girl! Don't ever let a customer try to underestimate you nor let them speak to you a certain way just cause you're at your workplace! Love this!” one person wrote.

@Theresal1983 added: “I worked [at a] front desk for eight years and patients can be so rude. I'm so glad I don't work in customer service anymore. You handled that very well.”

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Another from a different line of work chimed in: “Props to you for handling that so well! Im in property management and [the] same thing happens all the time.”

Source: TikTok

“Yes girl,” @nattt.__7 wrote along a string of clapping emojis. “These people think it’s our fault they are not responsible!”

We’ll never really know whether Karen ever booked another appointment, went to another doctor, or just walked around without 20/20 vision for the rest of her life. One thing is for sure — @lexxa_88 taught her a lesson in how to treat others, especially when you need something from them!

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