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These Queens Are Returning to the Werkroom for 'RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars' Season 5



It's time for Ru to bring back her girls for the fifth season of RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars. The cast for the upcoming season, which will air on its new network, Showtime, was revealed on May 8 on YouTube. 

It's definitely one of the strongest casts yet, bringing back fan favorites from as far back as the very first season. Here are all the queens headed back to the werkroom as part of the RPDR All-Stars Season 5 cast.

Shea Coulee

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Shea Couleé of Season 9 was a front-runner until the end, but ultimately lost to Sasha Velour in the finale. Now they're back with something to prove, and fans are already naming them the one to beat this season of All-Stars. Their name off-stage is Jaren Kyei Merrell and they hail from Chicago.

Instagram: @sheacoulee

Miz Cracker

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Also known as Maxwell Heller, Miz Cracker is from New York via Seattle and competed in Season 10, where she placed fifth. However, Miz Cracker comes from royalty — because Bob the Drag Queen is her drag mother

Instagram: @miz_cracker

Alexis Mateo

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Alexis is repping Puerto Rico and making a third attempt for the crown having placed third in Season 3 and tying for fifth place in Season 1 of All Stars.

Instagram: @miss_alexis_mateo

Blair St. Clair

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Definitely the youngest of the All-Stars, 24-year-old Indiana native Blair was but a wee baby in Season 10, where she placed ninth, but now she's all grown up and ready to slay. 

Instagram: @blairst.clair

Mariah Balenciaga

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Elijah Kelly — aka Mariah Balenciaga, aka just Mariah — placed ninth in Season 3 and went on to be part of the faculty on Drag U. There are a lot of contenders from Season 3 heading back to the werkroom.

Instagram: @mug4dayz

India Ferrah

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Speaking of Season 3...

India didn't last very long in Season 3 and as she notes herself, is best known for being body-slammed by Mimi Imfurst in their lip sync battle. She's had quite a glow-up, so let's not count her out just because she was an early eliminee in her season.

Instagram: @indiaferrah


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One of the most beloved queens in RPDR history, Juju is also making her third showing, having placed third in Season 2 and in Season 1 of All-Stars. She's hoping the third time is the charm for not coming in third.

Instagram: @jujubeeonline

Derrick Barry

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Derrick is a very, very good Britney Spears impersonator. He's back after placing fifth in Season 8 to show he can do more than Britney, b---h. Just, you know, not for his werkroom entrance.

Instagram: @derrickbarry

Mayhem Miller

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Mayhem came in 10th on Season 10, and hopes to prove it wasn't a blip when she had such a strong showing at the start of her season, only to find herself in the bottom a few episodes later.

Instagram: @theonlymayem


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Blast from the past Ongina is back from Season 1, and honestly it's about time. She has made a guest appearance on All-Stars before, but this time she's back to compete, and these new girls shouldn't sleep on her.

Instagram: @ongina

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