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Say Goodbye to 'Schitt's Creek' With These Brilliant Drinking Game Ideas



You're at home. You haven't seen friends, gone out to a bar or restaurant, or been able to buy a pack of toilet paper in weeks. On the bright side? At least you have the Schitt's Creek series finale to watch! Even though you can't invite people over to watch it with you, you can always call up fellow fans on Zoom or Google Hangouts and host your own Schitt's Creek party — and that includes suggesting a Schitt's Creek drinking game (for non-drinkers, you can always sub the alcohol with some sparkling cider!).

Some Schitt's Creek drinking game ideas: You are welcome.

Schitt's Creek is the perfect show for a drinking game, because there's just so much (wonderfully) at stake, and by this point, we can more or less predict what our fave characters are capable of (along with their very distinct mannerisms). Here are some thought-starters (and by all means, you can totally be creative and add more of your own).

1. Moira wears an interesting wig.

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Not that anyone can deny how fabulous they are. (The teal green is our fave.)

2. Alexa says "Ew!"

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That might be like...80 percent of her script. 

3. Johnny raises ONE eyebrow. (No matter the occasion — Eugene Levy has legendary eyebrows.)

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BLESS THOSE EYEBROWS. We will miss them. 

4. Alexa says, "David!"

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We will miss these two and their dynamic so very much.

5. When Ted makes an animal pun.

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How does the guy have so many animal puns up his sleeve? 

6. Any time David or Stevie say something sarcastic that would sound like a nice thing in another context.

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Like, "Best wishes to you." They definitely do not mean "best wishes to you." 

7. Whenever David looks completely disgusted or shocked (or both).

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Looking disgusted is  David's default face. And we love it.

8. When Roland comes around and is clearly unwanted.

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Ah, the Mayor of Unsolicited Advice. We'll miss ya too, Roland. 

9. Whenever Alexis talks about her past.


Girl! Enough already! (But also, we will miss this, too.)

10. Anytime Alexis says the word "journey."

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We love that journey for you too, girl.

11. Whenever anyone on the show say "OH GOD" or "OH MY GOD."

OH GOD we will miss that.

12. Whenever anyone says anything about how Stevie looks.

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Poor Stevie! Always so judged. 

13. Or when any character starts by saying, "Soooooo..."

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And then whatever comes after that is usually hilarious. 

We'll miss you, Schitt's Creek! This obviously won't stop us from watching reruns (what else do we have to do these days, anyway?). 

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