The 'Schitt's Creek' Finale Gave the Roses the Happy Ending They Deserve

Fans want to know if ‘Schitt's Creek’ has a happy ending. After six seasons, the Roses have earned a happily ever after. Here’s what it looks like.

Amber Garrett - Author

Apr. 27 2020, Updated 12:02 p.m. ET

schitts creek happy ending
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The Roses on Schitt's Creek have never been your typical self-absorbed rich TV family. While they've drawn comparisons to families like the Bluths on Arrested Development or even the Roys on Succession, two things that set them apart from those privileged clans are their good intentions and their ability to grow. 

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Over six seasons, we've watched David, Alexis, Moira, and Johnny evolve without completely abandoning who they were when they lost their fortune. Rather than gleefully await their comeuppance, we have rooted for them to have their happy ending. But did they get it?

While 'Schitt's Creek' has a happy ending, it's not necessarily the one they hoped for.

Happiness doesn't always come to us in the package we were expecting, and nobody learned that more than David Rose (Dan Levy), who didn't end up with the guy he always thought he'd fall in love with, or in the city and occupation he thought would make him happy. 

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schitts creek happy ending finale
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Even when he seemed poised to get everything he wanted, the Rose Apothecary owner found, to his surprise, the things he thought he wanted weren't where his happiness lay, and in the ultimate sign of his growth, he learned to roll with the punches.

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So did David get his dream wedding? Not the venue he wanted, not the haikuist officiant he wanted, and certainly not the weather he wanted, but he realized, ultimately, that the wedding doesn't matter — it's the marriage. 

schitts creek david patrick wedding
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And while Patrick is far more square and sensible than anyone he's ever dated before, his ability to roll with the punches (including a misunderstanding that led to the sort of happy ending people don't often want their fiancé to get on their wedding day) and calming influence are what he never knew he needed.

After Patrick shared his vows in song — Mariah Carey's "You'll Always Be My Baby," David's vow made it clear he knows how good he's got it, even if it wasn't what he would have ordered six years ago. 

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"I've never liked a smile as much as yours. I've never felt as safe as I do when I'm with you. I've never known love like I have when we're together. It's not been an easy road for me, but knowing that you will always be there for me at the end of it makes everything OK. Patrick Brewer, you are my happy ending."

david alexis schitts creek finale
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What happens to everyone else in the 'Schitt's Creek' season finale?

For Johnny and Moira, the happy ending was a little more what they envisioned — returning to city life and successful careers in business and entertainment, respectively. And for Alexis, a character who, at the beginning, was always being whisked away or abandoned by rich boyfriends, it came from standing on her own two feet and building a career for herself. 

In the end, Stevie landed in the same place she started, only this time she's the proprietor of the Rosebud Motel by choice, not just inheritance and happenstance. While part of us wanted Stevie to get out of Schitt's Creek and see the world, her story arc shows that sometimes the things that were chosen for us turn out to be what we want in the end.

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When will 'Schitt's Creek' Season 6 be on Netflix?

If you weren't able to watch Schitt's Creek on PopTV, the final season will eventually be on Netflix. Fans who fell in love with the show on the streaming platform will likely get to see the series completion in October 2020, based on the typical span of time between its network finale airdate and release to Netflix in seasons past. 

If you can't wait that long, the entire season is available to purchase on AppleTV, Google Play, Amazon, Fandango Now, and Vudu.

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