Players Are Searching for a Secret Cow Level in 'Diablo IV' — What Have They Found So Far?

Despite Blizzard insisting there’s no secret cow level in 'Diablo IV', players are feverishly searching for the mysterious location.

Jon Bitner - Author

Sep. 11 2023, Published 3:53 p.m. ET

Blizzard snuck secret cow levels into both Diablo II and Diablo III, and many players are convinced a similar location can be found somewhere in Diablo IV. This has kickstarted a frenzy, with dedicated adventurers attempting weird tricks and in-game maneuvers to unlock the mysterious bovine sanctuary — but has the secret cow level been found?

Here’s everything we know about a secret cow level in Diablo IV, along with an official statement from Blizzard about its inclusion.

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Is there a secret cow level in 'Diablo IV'?

According to Rod Fergusson, the general manager at Blizzard, there is no secret cow level in Diablo IV. It sounds like the team wanted to focus on other aspects of the game and felt that designing a secret cow level wouldn’t be the best use of time.

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"We've been really focused on trying to keep it as grounded as possible," Fergusson said during an interview. "And because of that, there's no secret level in Diablo IV that people might be looking for."

Despite Fergusson’s comment, not all fans believe he’s telling the truth. In fact, there are entire communities dedicated to hunting for Diablo IV’s secret cow room — and they think they’ve made some impressive progress.

The Not Finding A Cow Level Discord is a community filled with Diablo IV players that are searching for the elusive room. According to a few members of the group, the key to accessing the secret cow level in Diablo IV was tied to an in-game quest titled “The Oxen Gods.” A few important items related to this quest were rumored to help give access to a hidden room, though no one has yet to find the true secret cow level.

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Unfortunately, the quest was later removed from the game during an update. That sent the group back to square one in their search.

Blizzard added further fuel to the fire when it tweeted out a cryptic image with the caption, “Find the cow. The steaks are high.” Hidden within the picture, among the hordes of other characters, is an image of a cow.

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While it seems as if Fergusson was telling the truth about the secret cow level, it’s possible it’ll be added with a future update. Diablo IV requires an always-online connection, and the team hasn’t been shy about pushing patches to squash bugs, balance skills, or introduce new content.

And since the cow level is clearly something on a lot of players’ minds, adding one to Diablo IV could be a great idea. It could also help combat some of the negativity surrounding the game, which is largely due to issues with endgame content and a less-than-stellar Season One.

For now, it seems as if there is no secret cow level in Diablo IV. It might get added to Sanctuary with a future update, though it’s unclear if Blizzard wants to continue this bizarre trend.

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