Sephora Kids Are Ruining the Beauty Store

Sara Belcher - Author

Jan. 8 2024, Published 6:40 p.m. ET

Messy drunk elephant products at sephora with a comment reading "at my sephora every SINGLE drunk elephant tester was completely empty"
Source: TikTok / @peytonxblack, @lexislately

Move over, Claire's, the hottest shop for young girls is now... Sephora?

Sephora is one of the biggest luxury makeup and skincare retailers in the country, and though its price point has forced many to walk away from the store empty-handed, it seems its current clientele is young girls with surprisingly large pockets. Following the holiday season, the adolescent shoppers came out in troves, sparking TikTokers to share their stories of these "Sephora kids" — and the audacity alone is astonishing.

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Sephora kids are picking fights and leaving messes in the stores.

Anyone knows that a trip to Sephora is not for the weak of heart (or the short of change), but the youngest generation has been flocking to the beauty store, going feral for some of the most expensive skincare in the store. TikTokers shared their stories of encountering these children in the wild. Some detailed fights with the little spenders over well-loved products, while others said they'd been insulted for snagging the last of a product.

Sephora storefront
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The stories aren't relegated to a couple of accounts either — so many shoppers who dared enter a Sephora following the holidays encountered a tantrum or two and shared the story online.

Where are these children's parents? Sometimes, they're right there in the store with them. In one TikTok from a Sephora employee, she details how a young girl came through her line, raking up just under $900 in various products — including two perfumes priced at $150 each. When it came time to pay, the little shopper obviously didn't have enough cash, so she waited until her mother, who was busy paying for her sister's ($500) purchase at the cash register over, came to cover the cost.

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Understandably, the mother was outraged at her daughter's total and demanded she put something back to make the final price more reasonable. After the girl agreed to remove an item from her total, she said to her mom "But that's the last thing I'm taking out. I'm not taking anything else out."

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"Growing up, if I ever — ever — said anything like that to my mom, it's a wrap. It's a wrap. Because we're not getting anything at Sephora anymore and I'm going home to get my a-- beat," the employee said in the video.

Most of the TikTok users in the comments are in agreement that when they were growing up, their parents would've doled out some serious discipline for speaking and acting that way in public, let alone expecting a Sephora haul worth hundreds of dollars.

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But it's not just the entitled hauls and fights over Drunk Elephant with adult customers — Sephora shoppers have also noticed that the in-store displays quickly become dirty following a visit from the young customers. Drunk Elephant testers will be mixed together into "skincare smoothies" and left out, ruining the experience for other shoppers who were hoping to try the products for themselves.

"I had a 10-year-old scream at me saying I was OLD to be shopping there," one TikTok user commented on a video of the carnage.

Though no 10-year-old needs (or should be using) the most expensive retinol and vitamin C serum, it seems the complaints are less about the new clientele and more about their attitude and the messes they leave behind.

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