People Are Out Here Making Skincare Smoothies and Making a Mess

People are out here making a mess in Sephoras and Ultas by doing the skincare smoothie trend on TikTok. What is it? We explain it all for you.

Allison Hunt - Author

Jan. 23 2023, Published 11:34 p.m. ET

Listen people, you know that we love TikTok. You also know that we love the trends. We are here with you, alongside you, and for you — but we draw the line when doing the trend makes someone else's job harder.

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Currently, there's a trend going viral on TikTok where people are mixing together a bunch of very high-end skincare products (mostly Drunk Elephant, since they coined the concept) to make a "skincare smoothie." By doing this, people are able to customize the skincare that works best for them, while taking out the often-long process of having a skincare routine.

Sounds efficient right? Well, the problem is that some people decided to make their smoothies in public places and then not clean them up...

Let's break down the Skincare Smoothie TikTok trend.

The concept of the videos is pretty simple. The creators are pouring different products on top of the ones they're already using, before mixing everything together.

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While these two creators don't list what they put into their "smoothie," some of the Drunk Elephant website lists "recipes" for some of their featured smoothies.

For example, to get their Liquid Gold Smoothie for "brighter, smoother, firmer-looking skin," use 1 pump of the C-Firma Fresh, 2-3 drops of rhe A-Gloei, and 1 pump of the Protini. To get their Beach Your Heart Out Smoothie for "a radiant, bronzy, natural-looking flush," use 1 pump of Lala Retro, 1 drop of D-Bronzi, and 1 drop of 0-Bloos.

The idea of making your own recipe has definitely taken off, and these creators are having fun with it. The problem is that much of this is all happening in Ulta and Sephora stores, and people are making messes while not cleaning up after themselves.

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One TikTok user @critically.caucasion, who just so happens to also be an Ulta employee, made a slideshow showing the aftermath of these "skincare smoothies" which has since gone viral. The first picture is of a couple "smoothies" that are still sitting on the products with the words, "This was all within the first three hours of my shift. Y'all have to stop." The next two slides show very similar pictures of messy products.

Clearly people are not picking up after themselves. In the caption, she even says, "Please I'm begging you."

Sephora and Ulta employees are backing her up in the comments!

The people in the comments are not playing around. User @rfgoldie said, "People have no training. They shouldn't go in public," while user @elenaawong wrote, "I literally saw a girl get yelled at for doing this today at my local Sephora lol."

User @elonmuskisdaddyasf said, "As a Sephora employee, I be cleaning those 'smoothies' ALL SHIFT LONG. Y'all gotta stop."

Look, you guys, we get it. At prices for full-size skincare products going up to $100 and beyond, Drunk Elephant is expensive. We're all for using those free samples in shops like Sephora and Ulta, but don't make other people's lives harder in the process. We all learned from a very young age that if you make a mess, then you're the one to clean it up. Period.

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