Shane Dawson Faced Backlash From the Beauty Community Over THIS Look

Sara Belcher - Author

Jul. 17 2020, Updated 3:34 p.m. ET

shane dawson
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Established YouTuber and aspiring beauty influencer Shane Dawson has been making a name for himself in the makeup world, starting with his collaborations with Jeffree Star. While he's already made a wildly successful eyeshadow palette with the makeup mogul, it hasn't always been that easy for him.

Shortly after the YouTuber began dipping his toes into the community, he was involved with some drama following his post of a rainbow eye look.

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Shane Dawson stirred up drama when he recreated a rainbow eyebrow look for his Instagram Stories.

Shane's first experience with beauty community drama came when he decided to recreate a rainbow eyebrow and share it to his stories. According to drama YouTuber Ashlye Kyle, Shane shared a shot of his look with the caption "inspired by: @cohlsworld."

shane dawson drama
Source: Instagram
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Cohl is another beauty influencer who currently has over 380,000 followers on Instagram and 152,000 subscribers on YouTube. He had actually recreated the look from another beauty influencer, Rocio Cervantes, and posted it to his page. In his original caption (admittedly, halfway through the long block of text), he credited Rocio as his inspiration for the look.

Shane's recreation of the look skyrocketed it's popularity, leading to countless recreations of it all over the beauty community — but the drama really came to a head when beauty guru Kam Lester posted a tutorial for the brows, titling it "SHANE DAWSON RAINBOW BROWS TUTORIAL."

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rainbow brows
Source: Instagram

While Kam gave credit to Rocio in the first minute of the video, viewers pointed out that nowhere in the video's description did he link to Rocio's pages, and that using Shane's name in the title was capitalizing on a trend that wasn't his creation.

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Rocio fans called out Shane and Kam for not crediting Rocio.

Most of the drama was between the fans, who called out the creators for not acknowledging that the look was initially created by Rocio. Kam and Cohl defended themselves, pointing out that they did make sure to give credit where it was due, but fans argued it wasn't enough.

While this was going down, Rocio was allegedly also receiving massive hate for wanting credit for her work, forcing her to deactivate her Twitter account.

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Most of the hate was directed at Kam and Cohl, who fans argued should understand the importance of credit in the community. However, Shane still shared his formal apology, tweeting that he would make an effort to do research before posting looks inspired by others to ensure the appropriate credit was given.

"I saw cohl do it in a pic and i wanted to try it so i tried it and then i credited him. i’m still new to this whole beauty world so i don’t know all the creators of looks but next time i’ll make sure to google it and make sure everything is right! no drama for this pig mamma!" he tweeted in response to Dustin Dailey's video on the drama. "i just wanted to give my official twitter statement now that ive entered the booty commoontity! #mytruth."

It seems the drama has since died down, and Rocio is back on Twitter sharing her looks with the community. 

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