Who Is Comedian Shane Gillis Dating — and What's With All of the Secrecy?

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Dec. 6 2023, Published 6:15 p.m. ET

Shane Gillis performs stand-up on stage
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The Gist:

  • Comedian Shane Gillis has talked about his long-term girlfriend in his stand-up shows and in interviews.
  • He hasn't mentioned his girlfriend's name.
  • Fans have some guesses as to who his girlfriend might be.
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Known for his fearless humor and boundary-pushing wit, Shane Gillis has carved a niche for himself in the comedy industry. Yet, for all the laughter he shares on stage, the enigmatic comedian remains tight-lipped about a crucial aspect of his life — his love life. Join us on a quest to unravel the mystery: Who is Shane Gillis dating?

So, who is Shane Gillis dating?

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While Shane bares his comedic soul on stage, he wraps his personal life in a cloak of secrecy. In a world where celebrities often become living tabloid fodder, he has successfully shielded the identity of his romantic partner from the prying eyes of fans and paparazzi alike.

It's a skill as finely honed as his punchlines, but that hasn't stopped fans from trying to figure out the mystery.

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In a candid moment on the Your Mom's House podcast in September 2021, Shane hinted at a romantic chapter, revealing that he had been dating for approximately six months and met his significant other through the labyrinth of Instagram. However, even as he shared snippets of his personal life, Shane carefully avoided unveiling the name or details of his GF!

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Fast-forward to March 2023, and Shane spilled a bit more tea about his love life on the What Does Your Crazy Look Like podcast. He casually dropped the bomb that he was in a two-year relationship, offering morsels of information about his significant other hailing from Iowa and having a disdain for driving.

And in his September 2023 Netflix special Beautiful Dogs, Shane talked about his girlfriend as well — he mentioned that they moved in together, and he talked about his feelings about her having a Navy SEAL ex.

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Yet, the identity of this elusive partner remains shrouded in mystery. Shane, it seems, is the master of keeping his cards close to his chest, and right now, fans have more questions than answers.

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There have been some guesses as to who Shane Gillis's girlfriend might be.

Internet detectives are not been without their speculation. As fans attempted to connect the dots, two names surfaced in the dating rumor mill — a woman named Shih Ryan and another woman named Claire. Shih Ryan, reportedly a friend since the age of 16, is said to share a long and platonic history with Shane. However, despite the close connection, neither party has officially addressed the swirling rumors.

Claire and Shane were spotted together on several occasions, with the duo has fueling whispers of a potential romance. Yet, true to his form, Shane and Claire are giving radio silence on the matter!

Speaking of radio — radio manager Tara Pavlovich’s name also keeps cropping up as a possible contender.

Well, it looks like the comedian's romantic entanglements are staying a mystery for now. While fans eagerly await any crumbs of confirmation or denial, we will keep searching for clues and Easter eggs!

Whether it's Shih Ryan, Claire, or someone entirely off the radar, one thing is clear — Shane Gillis has mastered the art of keeping the world guessing.

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