Bryce Harrison, Shaq's Nephew, Is Looking Like a Serious NBA and NFL Prospect

Bryce Harrison, Shaq's nephew, is still young, but his size, talent, and dedication to sports is already evident. Will he follow in Shaq’s footsteps?

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Apr. 30 2020, Updated 3:23 p.m. ET

Source: Youtube

When it comes to domineering forces in the NBA, you'd be a dagnammed fool for not including Shaquille O'Neal on that list. Remember when the big man and Kobe Bryant were the most feared dynamic duo in the NBA? 

So it makes sense that Shaq's nephew, Bryce Harrison, is getting a lot of buzz.

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Shaq's nephew, Bryce Harrison, might be following in his uncle's footsteps.

It looks like Bryce inherited some of Shaq's power and "big-ness" — he was 6'4 and 205 pounds by the eighth grade. Obviously, his size and relationship to the NBA hall of famer naturally has tons of people talking about Bryce's future career prospects in the NBA. 

When speaking about his middle school season, Bryce had tons of positive things to say about his coach and fellow teammates in an interview with Prep Hoops.

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Source: Youtube
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"We had a great season, losing in the Final Four to Lawton Chiles. We had a really good team and I’m going to miss some of my friends and Coach Barbarino."

Even though he was only in middle school at the time, Bryce decided to take his training to the next level by incorporating something even pro-athletes falter in: conditioning. 

"I lost 30 lbs. over the last year and that helped me be more aggressive on the floor. So, I would say my conditioning was my biggest growth. As a freshman this year my goal is to try and help my team win. Just do little things like rebound, dive for loose balls and cheer my teammates on. I think we’re going to have a really good team and we have a great coach," the young athlete said when asked about how he believes he's grown the most.

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Bryce doesn't just play basketball, however, he's a great football player too.

Understandably, being so gifted and hard-working, with name recognition to boot, has several recruiters interested in snatching Bryce up for their teams. He already has several offers for basketball and football from some schools with serious athletic programs.

When he's on the field, Bryce plays defensive end and tight end, however, he feels that his "basketball his top strength," something he attributes to his father, mother, grandmother, and Uncle Shaq.

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"My dad was one of the top point guards in the country back in his day at 6’7 and he works with me and tries to help me. My mom helps me too. She was really good. My uncle helps me alot with my game. He always tells me to be patient and to not rush anything. He gives me a workout task to do and what to work on. Actually my grandma (Lucille) helps me a lot. She used to be really good. She comes to all my games and she tells me what to work on. She knows the game and she helps me," Bryce said. 

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He also says that Shaq's imparted some great life wisdom, in addition to basketball knowledge too. "On the court, the biggest lesson my uncle teaches me is to have fun out there. Have fun and give 100 percent effort. He thinks I’m right where I need to be right now. He says to not get caught up in recruiting and rankings or none of that stuff and to just have fun. My grandma and my mom have a no pass, no play rule. If I get anything less than a B I cant play anything."

Although professional sports have been put on hold indefinitely in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's hard to imagine that Bryce isn't practicing and sharpening his game even more so he can hit the ground running once the restrictions have been lifted.

For now, you can watch some highlights of his middle school ball career.

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Grit, talent, dedication, and hustle. Bryce looks like he already has ingredients to make him a serious draft contender for the NBA down the line.

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