Sherrybeth Madewell Produces 'Street Outlaws' In Addition to Appearing on Camera


Mar. 28 2023, Published 11:36 a.m. ET

The world of Street Outlaws is filled with the kinds of colorful characters you might expect to be a part of any sort of dangerous street racing scene. Now, many fans want to learn more about one of those people in particular. Sherrybeth Madewell currently lives in Shreveport, La., and she works as both a producer and on-air talent on the show.

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Who is Sherrybeth Madewell on 'Street Outlaws'?

According to her Facebook page, Sherrybeth has worked with M.B.D. Motorsports since 2018 as a promoter, and she's even shown up in news stories insisting that street racing is far safer when it's done within the context of Street Outlaws. Last year, when Shreveport was taking steps to crack down on street racing, Sherrybeth said that she had come to the city after a driver told her it would be an ideal location to start a team.

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"Louisiana has a lot to offer in the racing world," Sherrybeth told the Shreveport Times in March 2022. She also added that the show simply taps into an existing racing scene, but provides parameters that make the races safer than they would otherwise be.

Sherrybeth also said the show has medics on set, enforces a strict no alcohol policy, and makes drivers sign to the fact that they won't participate in illegal racing while they're part of the production.

In the same interview, Sherrybeth explained that production has an insurance policy that would clear the parish from any liability for any accidents that might occur, and that she would leave Shreveport and find another place to form a team if the parish's authorities took steps to make street racing more difficult. Ultimately, it seems that she has remained in Shreveport in the year since.

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Sherrybeth Madewell has three kids.

According to her Facebook page, Sherrybeth has three kids and is currently single. In addition to her work in racing, she also appears to own a landscaping company and has operated it since 2001.

For the most part, though, her social media presence seems dedicated to promoting racing events and encouraging in-person attendance at those events.

Source: Facebook
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'Street Outlaw' races are always cleared before they are run.

While most street racing is illegal when it's done without a permit, Street Outlaws itself is always careful to get permission before running a race in whatever town the crew happens to be visiting in a given week. In a way, then, Sherrybeth's argument that the show is providing guardrails that might not otherwise be there is largely based in reality.

Of course, Street Outlaws may also have the effect of making more people interested in street racing, whether it's legal or not. Even with the extra precautions that the show takes, part of the appeal of both the show and street racing more generally is the sense that it's fairly dangerous, and could have serious consequences for those who choose to participate in it. Sherrybeth is just one cog in that machine, and it seems like she has been for some time.

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