Shopper's "Tide Hack" Ensures He Gets His Money's Worth When Buying Detergent

Melissa Willets - Author

Feb. 7 2024, Published 12:55 p.m. ET

Times are tough, a fact almost no one would dispute. Everything is more expensive, from food, to insurance, to rent.

Many of us need to stretch our dollars as far as possible, including one TikToker who shared a rather messy hack for buying detergent and getting the most for your money.

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Indeed, TikTok creator @daveybad documented how a friend showed no shame in redistributing what they felt was the appropriate amount of Tide detergent in the bottle he planned to purchase.

But what happened next was truly shocking.

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It's pretty eye-opening how much empty space a detergent bottle actually has.

Although he was openly spilling detergent as he transferred blue liquid from one bottle to the next, creator Davey Bad captured how the friend says in his viral video, "I don't care."

"I'm pinching the f--- out of them pennies," he explained as, right there in the store aisle, he poured, and poured. And poured.

Because apparently Tide bottles aren't sold full.

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If you've never considered being scammed by Tide, it is a bit alarming to witness just how much detergent the friend is able to pour from one bottle into the next. "Still going," comments the creator off-camera, who has also been giggling throughout the video.

"The fact that he pours that long is insane," one commenter agreed. "It's insane," Davey Bad answers.

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Someone else theorized a shopper had done the same thing to that Tide, and that was why the creator was able to pour so much detergent into the bottle.

"Legend says he's still pouring," joked another TikTok user, while others were concerned by this video. One person lamented that this is why laundry detergent is being locked up in stores now.

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"Who's gonna buy that empty bottle?" another commenter worried, meanwhile, to which Davey Bad said he hoped nobody would.

But others called out Tide for selling bottles of detergent that aren't filled to the brim — especially in this economy!

Tide pods
Source: Getty Images
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Social media has found the solution to unfilled detergent bottles.

Upon seeing how much consumers aren't getting when they buy a bottle of detergent, some commenters think they have a solution that does not involve having to pour sticky liquid all over the place in a store.

"See, now I'm buying the pods," stated one commenter. "Pods is the way to go," confirmed the creator of the TikTok.

Indeed, if you purchase pods, it says right there how many you get.

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It's worth noting that according to Tide, there's a reason the bottles of liquid aren't filled to the top.

The company took to X to answer a consumer concern in 2019, writing, "Before the bottles leave the plant, they're measured to make sure you'll get the ounces listed on the front. The reason they're not filled to the top is to avoid the detergent spilling over the pour spout, so you get a mess-free pour. DM us if you'd like to share more!"

So, there you go!

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