These Are the Basic Rules of 'The Sims 4' Not So Berry Challenge

Reportedly, 'The Sims 4' Not So Berry challenge was created in response to the increasingly popular Berry Sims trend. So, what does are the rules?

Leila Kozma - Author

Oct. 16 2020, Updated 2:26 p.m. ET

As any video game fan will tell you, The Sims 4 Not So Berry challenge requires some resilience, stamina, and determination. The unusual spin on the fan-favorite game has been around for some time, calling on Sims addicts to push their personal limits and create entire dynasties. 

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It might be based on relatively simple-sounding rules, but make no mistake: completing the Not So Berry challenge won't be easy. 

'The Sims 4' Not So Berry challenge is harder than you think.

The challenge is thought to have been created partly in response to the increasing popularity of the Berry Sims trend, which requires players to create Sims with an immediately-recognizable aesthetic. 

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Unlike your standard Sim, Berry Sims come in pastel colors, with gumdrop-colored hair, teal skin, or soft pink clothes. The trend has some overlaps with the Not So Berry challenge, which assigns a specific color to every generation. 

What makes the Not So Berry challenge different is that it also calls on gamers to guide 10 generations of Sims through life in accord with specific rules. 

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According to the "NOT SO BERRY LEGACY CHALLENGE" forum available on the official The Sims website, users eager to try their hands at the game face the mighty task of manipulating 10 generations of Sims into meeting specific targets. 

'The Sims 4' Not So Berry challenge rules explained:

One of the ground rules holds that the heir must represent the color of the generation. To make the players' job somewhat easier, the creators of the challenge were much less strict when it comes to the spouses — whose color doesn't need to match.

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Source: Twitter

Money cheats aren't banned, but players shouldn't rely on them exclusively. The lifespan of the Sims should be kept to normal. 

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What makes the challenge particularly intriguing is that each generation is assigned a particular profile, complete with career aspirations, defining personality traits, and specific weaknesses. 

Each generation on the Not So Berry challenge must meet specific guidelines.

As the guidelines posted by user @alwaysimmingg on the "NOT SO BERRY LEGACY CHALLENGE" forum reveal, the heir of the "Generation Mint" must be a scientist who nurses aspirations to become a chief or mischief. 

Additionally, they have to be a vegetarian with jealousy-and greed-related issues.

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According to player, the heir of the "Generation Rose" is a hot-headed, snobby romantic with aspirations to become a politician. 

On the second level, the challenge gets a bit more complicated — as players must ensure that the heir has only one child, successfully turns into a politician, masters the charisma skill, and becomes a "Serial Romantic." 

What's more, the heir has to leave someone at the altar, only tying the knot at a later stage in his or her life. 

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The heir of the "Generation Yellow" is an astronaut who is freakishly close to their grandparents. The heir of "Generation Grey" is an athlete who has to get married several times.  

User @alwaysimmingg describes the heir of "Generation Plum" as an "indecisive oddball," while that of "Generation Orange" is a petty criminal with aspirations to become the No. 1 enemy of the public.  

Source: Twitter
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The heir of "Generation Pink" is caught between wanting to become a romance novel writer and trying to avoid the near-constant threat of poverty. The heir of "Generation Peach" is a part-time comedian, part-time detective. 

The heir of "Generation Green" aspires to become a tech guru. The last of the clan, the heir of "Generation Blue," is a family-oriented perfectionist with a secret affair to hide. 

Whew! Are you up for the challenge?

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