Sisqó Is No Longer a Major Artist, but He Seems to Be Living a Nice Family Life

It seems that Sisqó is living a very satisfying, family-oriented life with his wife and two children.


Mar. 26 2024, Published 3:40 p.m. ET

Although the "Thong Song" is 25 years old, it still hits harder than almost every modern hip-hop track, which is part of the reason Sisqó has had such an enduring cultural legacy.

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The man behind the track has settled down to live a quieter life in Minnesota, but fans want to know what the singer has been up to these days.

Here's what we know about Sisqó's life with his wife and kids.

Sisqo with his wife, Elizabeth Pham in front of a rose bush.
Source: Instagram/@sisqo

Sisqó with his wife, Elizabeth Pham

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Who are Sisqó's kids?

Sisqó and his wife have two kids who are still children. Their eldest is son Ryu Andrews (born in June 2012), and their youngest is daughter Kimiqo Star aka QoQo (born in September 2014). Although Sisqó spends plenty of time on his channels promoting his shows, he also celebrates his family, and often wishes both his children happy birthday there.

"To my youngest daughter Kimiqo Star, [thanks] for making us smile on your Born Day .... Daddy loves you," the proud dad wrote in a September 2020 post.

It looks like little QoQo has also tried her hand at modeling, as Sisqó posted a Target Halloween costume ad that appeared to feature his daughter in a butterfly outfit in September 2023.

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And apparently young Ryu celebrated a major accomplishment in June 2022 by graduating early, as Sisqó posted a photo with his son with the caption: "Congratulations to my Lil Dragon for graduating to middle school early! Love you, son!"

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Who is Sisqó's wife?

Sisqó and his wife, Elizabeth Pham, have been romantically involved with one another, on and off, since 2003. The two finally married in 2018.

“It was one of those things where it’s like she’s my best friend,” Sisqó shared with Us Weekly at the time. “And it was kinda like, ‘You know, maybe I need to figure out how to make this more permanent before she wakes up and realizes how crazy I am.'”

Sisqó proposed in 2014 after QoQo was born. “I proposed and I got, like, a big, fat rock," he said. "I did it kinda cool, because I felt like our son [Ryu] was the one that kinda saved [us] … I sent him in with a ring box, and she looked into the box and didn’t see anything … She then went to look for me to figure out what’s going on. She came around the corner, and I was one knee and I asked her and she said ‘Yes!’”

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'The Masked Singer' fans connected Sisqó to the lizard mask because of a family-related clue.

One of the hints about the Lizard on The Masked Singer Season 11 involved a story where Lizard's future wife threatened to leave him unless he stopped his "superstar shenanigans"; Lizard also thought she might be pregnant, and it turns out that she was.

While it doesn't appear that Sisqó has mentioned a story like this in the media before, fans noticed that the timeline seems to add up with his relationship with Elizabeth. After all, the singer did propose to Elizabeth after QoQo was born, and he did previously say that he wanted to marry Elizabeth before she "realizes how crazy I am."

Regardless of the Lizard's true identity, it seems that Sisqó is living a very satisfying, family-oriented life.

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