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Source: 20th Century Fox

Woman Asks Her Sister's Help Canceling Her Wedding — Instead She Wants to Take It Over


Imagine this: You've spent a year planning your perfect wedding. It's now mere weeks away, and every detail is in place. Deposits have been put down. But then, you learn that your fiancé cheated on you. You're devastated. On top of mourning the loss of your relationship, you now have to cancel an entire wedding. But it's too painful. So you enlist your mom and your sister to help. 

Then, after believing your family has been helping to cancel plans while you cry and eat ice cream, they approach you with a proposition. Your sister is engaged. And you were almost done planning your wedding. So, why doesn't your sister just... take your wedding? You'd throw the pint of ice cream at their heads, wouldn't you? This "Am I the A-hole?" post on Reddit is basically this story, plus, oh, just a few more heart-wrenching details.