This Viral Song on TikTok Reminds Us All Just How Great Sitting Down Really Is

TikTok creator Brian Jordan Alvarez shared a video of him singing a song he wrote called "Sitting." Now, other creators are covering the catchy song.

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Sep. 25 2023, Published 2:20 p.m. ET

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The Gist:

  • Actor Brian Jordan Alvarez has gone viral on TikTok for a song he wrote called "Sitting."
  • The catchy song contains lyrics like "Sitting is the opposite of standing" and "Sitting is the opposite of running around."
  • Now, other creators on TikTok are creating their own musical covers to the song.
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It's always the most unexpected songs that go viral on TikTok. Point in case the Island Boys with their namesake song. Or Ms. Biljana Electronica and DJ Crazy Times with "Planet of the Bass."

Well, now a new song is taking over the platform for its catchy and relatable lyrics. You better take a seat for this bop.

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"Sitting" by Brian Jordan Alvarez has captivated the internet with its relatable lyrics.

In Sept. 2023, sitting started having a moment thanks to a video posted by Brian Jordan Alvarez on TikTok. In his now-viral video, he dons a funny Snapchat filter that wildly distorts his face while he performs a tune that he seemingly made up about sitting. Yes, the act of sitting.

The lyrics are as follows: "Sitting is the opposite of standing/ Sitting is the opposite of running around/ Sitting is a wonderful thing to do.”

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It's unknown why exactly Brian penned a song praising the act of sitting down, but TikTok was all for it. "Gotta love a pop song with a positive message," wrote one user.

Another said: "This is for all the cashiers to show their bosses."

It also struck a chord with handicapped individuals: "On behalf of all wheelchair users everywhere, I accept this as our anthem!"

It wasn't before long that folks began uploading videos of them singing the song. Grey's Anatomy alum E.R. Fightmaster shared their sooting version of "Sitting" on the guitar.

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TikTok creator Kory Wheeler also performed his own version of the song on guitar. In his video, he credited Brian with being "one of the most genius songwriters of our time."

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The Gaia Music Collective did a cover of the song, proving that it was bigger than just a social media trend.

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And there were even some covers on the piano, like this one from TikTok creator Matthew Jordan.

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Who is Brian Jordan Alvarez?

Brian Jordan Alvarez is an actor, comedian, and filmmaker. Besides his recent internet hit about sitting down, he is best known for his recurring roles as Estéfan in Will and Grace and Wesley in Jane the Virgin. Similar to how he portrayed himself in "Sitting," Brian often shares videos of himself filmed through unique Snapchat lenses, including ones where he plays a character he made up named TJ Mack, who is a singer and songwriter. It is Mack who is allegedly responsible for "Sitting."

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