People Are Posting Pics With Their Skeleton 'Rescue' Pets and It's Adorably Spooky

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Oct. 9 2019, Updated 3:36 p.m. ET

Halloween is almost here, which means people are hauling all their spooky decorations out of the basement. And there is no more classic Halloween decor item than the plastic skeleton. TV writer Jess McLaren decided to post several pictures of his plastic skeleton as if it was a "rescue pet," and it's the funniest thing you'll see all day. 

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"He was so terrified when we brought him home two days ago, now he's a member of the family," Jesse wrote on Twitter, along with four photos of his plastic skeleton. In this first one, you can see that, like a dog that's just been adopted from the shelter, he's cowering in the corner, unsure of his new situation. It's going to take some time and work for him to see that the people who took him home just want to love him!

Clearly, the skeleton feels safer when he's hiding under the table right now, and that's OK. He's still apprehensive about his new owners and hasn't been able to suss out the situation. Who knows what this skeleton went through before he found a loving family to adopt him? Maybe he was out in the streets. Maybe he was hanging up in a science classroom. The possibilities are endless. 

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Soon, Jesse was able to coax the skeleton out with a treat. As we all know, skeletons love hard pretzels. They'll slap a soft one out of your hand, but they can't get enough of those crunchy sourdough ones. 

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What a happy ending! The skeleton has really started to come out of his shell (skin?). Look at the smile on his face! What a total transformation from a poor, scared animal shaking in its bones and only its bones to a happy skeleton ready for a lifetime of snuggles and teeth-ruining pretzels. 

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Soon, others began posting pics of their skeleton pets doing all sorts of things!

"It's all fun until the know-it-all teenage years hit," this Twitter user wrote. I remember what it was like, rebelling against my parents and hula-hopping everywhere I went. They'll grow out of it. 

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"They grow up so fast," this person wrote, "pretty soon they are helping with the decorating." This is about as meta as it gets. A skeleton helping to decorate for Halloween? Get outta here! These skeletons really look like they're having the time of their life, though, especially the one in the tiny hat. I'd join this party. 

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"It's good to see I'm not alone," this guy wrote. "My delightful son and I out at the store." There's hope yet for rescue skeletons who take some time adjusting to their new lives. I bet Jesse's will be riding on his shoulders in stores in no time!

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And pretty soon after that, they'll be able to take trips together. This skeleton, as its owner explains, is already used to the car! I bet soon, the skeleton will stick its head out the window and let the breeze into its cold, dead face! I can't wait to hear more about all the adventures these brave skeleton owners will go on with their new rescue pets. And as always when it comes to plastic skeletons, if at all possible adopt, don't shop! 

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