The Slushie Trend Is Taking Over TikTok, but Where Did the Trend Come From?


Feb. 5 2024, Published 10:20 a.m. ET

The trends that show up on TikTok range from totally understandable to completely baffling. They can also be either totally harmless or truly dangerous. Recently, a new trend has emerged that's one of the stranger trends that the platform has ever produced.

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The slushie trend has been trending on TikTok for most of 2024 to date, but there are still plenty of users who have no fundamental idea what the trend is. Here's everything we know about the slushie trend, including where it may have originated.

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What is the slushie trend on TikTok?

The slushie trend is a trend that sees users buying a slushie at a convenience store like 7/11. The wrinkle is that, instead of simply drinking the slushie like a normal person, the users return to their vehicles (which are usually trucks) and proceed to throw the slushie at their truck without drinking any of it. They're just creating a giant mess that they'll have to clean up. It's not a harmful trend, exactly, but it's definitely weird.

The videos on TikTok are often set to "Bag Season" by Jay Lewis, featuring Da Real Gee Money, and they all comport with a pretty similar formula.

Supposedly, you can only really take part in the trend if you own a "Bubba Truck," which is a four-wheel drive pickup truck that has particularly loud exhaust or oversized tires. The videos often showcase the trucks themselves, in addition to the slushies being thrown at them.

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The trend seems to exist mostly to glorify these trucks and their owners, whether they use them to haul things or not. The trend may force the video makers to do some cleaning afterward, but it seems like it has been worth it for at least some viewers, who have racked up millions of views on their videos.

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The actual origins of the slushie trend remain unclear, and most people who see these videos both admit to enjoying them and also have no idea why the trend exists in the first place.

"No idea why this is a trend but it’s funny,” one person wrote, discussing their confusion.

Others were more on the baffled side, writing "Why is this a thing?" and even suggesting that they're getting old because they no longer have any idea what's happening on TikTok.

Regardless of where the trend came from, it's clear that many users have taken part in it and some of them have seen great success. Still, the trend doesn't seem like it's going to be one of the longer-lived trends on the platform given how relatively simple it is to execute.

It may not make any sense to throw a slushie at your truck, but most of what happens on TikTok doesn't really make any sense. TikTok is a platform dedicated, at least in part, to total nonsense and that's part of why people enjoy hanging out there. Does it always make sense? Who cares? Just enjoy the stupidity.

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