"Your Mom's Not Gonna Like That" — Son Puts a Drinking Fountain in His Parents’ House

In a now-viral video, a man put a drinking water fountain in his parents' house — and their reactions were priceless. Check out the full story below.

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Oct. 23 2023, Published 11:04 a.m. ET

Most of us wouldn't be where we are today without our parents, so it's time we thank them for everything they did for us growing up. There are countless ways to give back, but we think TikTok user Corbin Millet (@corbinmillet) can teach us a thing or two about (not) showing appreciation to our parents.

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In October 2023, Corbin revealed that he installed a drinking fountain in his parents house — and their reactions were priceless. Check out the full story below! Plus, keep reading to find out what the internet has to say.

A row of drinking fountains.
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This guy put a drinking fountain in his parents house.

"Putting a drinking fountain in my parents house," Corbin wrote in a text overlay of the now-viral video before sharing his story. He said he saw the fountain on Facebook and figured it would be a "great addition to the house."

Corbin began installing the fountain; he didn't know how to hang it up, but he tried a TV wall mount — and it actually worked! He then used the garden hose for the water supply and cleaned it up before his parents came home. When his parents did come home, their reactions to the kitchen's new appliance were priceless.

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"What the f--- is that?" Corbin's dad said when he noticed the drinking fountain. He was initially wary, but after Corbin told him it worked, he walked over with a cheeky smirk and used it. He wiped his mouth on his sleeve before turning to Corbin and telling him, "Your mom's not gonna like that" — and he couldn't have been more accurate.

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Corbin's mom immediately noticed the drinking fountain, and let's just say she wasn't too happy. She threw her head back in frustration and said, "Are you f------ kidding me?!" Corbin asked his mom if she liked it, and she replied, "What the f---? No!" He told her to try it out, but she wasn't having any of it.

"No, I'm not f------ trying it. I'm not drinking [from] some 1975 drinking fountain," she told Corbin, who quickly started laughing. "You're disgusting. Get it out of my house."

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TikTok was shocked that Corbin's dad approved of the drinking fountain.

For those unaware, Corbin's TikTok page features several videos of him pranking his parents. The stunts he pulls, like covering his parents entire kitchen in peanut butter, usually don't go over well.

If you scroll through his profile, you'll notice that Corbin's dad is typically the main target — and he hates it (watch this marshmallow prank for reference). But this time around, Corbin's followers quickly pointed out that his father actually seemed to approve of the shenanigans.

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TikToker @n7knights commented, "dad: does it work? son: yeah dad: 😏"
Source: TikTok / @n7knights

"Dad actually approved for once," one TikTok user wrote alongside a face with tears of joy emoji.

A second person agreed, writing, "I love how your dad thought it was funny for once."

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"I love how dad didn't get mad," a third TikToker added.

Another user commented, "This is the first time I've seen your dad smile." This is very true!

"Your dad was actually proud of you this time," someone else replied.

TikToker @lazylawnbub commented, "I have never seen a parent anger change that fast until the dad asked does it work."
Source: TikTok / @lazylawnbub

Another person said, "I love how he smirked like he always wanted a working water fountain in his house since he was a child." Honestly, we wouldn't put it past him because it would be cool to have one in the house!

What do you think? Did Corbin go too far with his prank? Let us know!

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