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Source: Comedy Central

Help Avoid Awkward Thanksgiving Conversations With These Excellent 'South Park' Episodes


South Park is one of the longest running shows on TV for a number of reasons: Trey Parker and Matt Stone are absolutely brilliant and have an amazing working chemistry. The program is also animated in such an efficient way that they're able to write, voice, and animate an episode in about a week. That's absolutely bonkers for a cartoon.

But I think the key to the program's success is its blend of scatological humor with relevant cultural phenomenon, like their Thanksgiving Special episodes. 

The best South Park Thanksgiving episodes:

It isn't really a holiday that gets a lot of love, just ask Nicole Westbrook who, with the help of legendary music producer Patrice Wilson, just want everyone to know that "It's Thanksgiving."

But the South Park team often treats the holiday to special episode events. Here are seven of the show's best Turkey Day features that have brought us wonderful new characters, scathing criticisms of Black Friday, and of course, general irreverence.