Mom Calls Southwest Flight Attendant Her “Angel” for Soothing Her Crying Baby on Plane

While traveling with her small children on a Southwest flight, one mom found support from an attendant who could relate to her pain.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Nov. 16 2023, Published 11:50 a.m. ET

Traveling alone or with other adults who can care for themselves is a task all on its own. But when you add in multiple small children, well, that will likely become even more complicated.

While going anywhere with young kids can be a hassle, it’s even worse when you also have to take them through airport security and sit in the airtight seats on the actual flight. And unlike adults, children don’t filter their frustrations, so crying will ensue when they’re fed up.

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One mom on TikTok experienced incessant crying from her baby after taking him and her other child on a Southwest flight. Amid her frustration, the woman found solace in an unexpected source — one of the airplane’s flight attendants.

Keep reading to see what all went down.

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A mom struggled to calm her baby on a Southwest flight.

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, the real heroes are the ones who see someone struggling and help them rather than watching the distress continue.

In September 2023, TikToker Kyli (@kylichoi) on the platform, met her “hero,” whom she would later describe as an “angel.” While traveling from Las Vegas, Nev. to Salt Lake City, Utah, Kyli’s young child and baby weren't having a good time on the plane. The baby was only nine months old.

In addition to being “claustrophobic” on the flight after picking an aisle with no windows, Kyli’s baby, Cruise, continuously cried and screamed. Kyli said she had been through a screaming fit with her baby before and usually knew the snacks, toys, and even the right “boob” to get her child to stop crying. However, none of her methods worked when they were in the air.

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Kyli said she began feeling “really, really helpless” as her baby continued crying and screaming during an otherwise quiet flight. She could tell she was putting the other passengers in a “bad mood,” which made her feel even worse.

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The mom found support when a flight attendant offered to hold her baby.

Towards the end of the 45-minute flight, Kyli thought her nightmarish experience on Southwest was over. Unfortunately, she was wrong, as the air traffic controller said the flight had been delayed “25 minutes.” As Kyli became even more frustrated, flight attendant Neequa approached her seat.

Neequa asked Kyli if she was “doing OK,” Kyli tried to be strong and say she could power through the 25-minute delay. Neequa could see right past Kyli’s brave front, and “extended her arms” to take her baby from her. Kyli, shocked and sleep-deprived, handed Cruise over to her. Neequa walked him “up and down” the aisle until he fell asleep.

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Instead of passing Cruise back to Kyli, Neequa gave her some encouraging words, stating, “Any chance a mama can rest her arms, we take it.” Neequa also told Kyli that she’s a mom and has trouble calming her baby if they don’t want milk.

To Kyli, meeting and receiving help from Neequa that day was the blessing she needed but didn’t even think to ask for.

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“I hope that [for] all of you other mamas that are traveling alone, some kind of Southwest angel comes and rescues you too because it was really amazing,” Kyli said. “And it gave me hope that the world isn’t as bad as everybody says it is right now.”

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Those who saw Kyli’s TikTok said that Neequa, the flight attendant, “saved Southwest Airlines’ reputation.”

Kyli and Neequa’s sweet exchange was how the world should be. So many times, people watch or even complain about someone else’s misfortune rather than helping them find a solution. Although it wasn’t in her job description, Neequa went above and beyond to avoid being that person. We need more people like her to teach others how to practice humanity.

Underneath Kyli’s post, she received comments from others sharing how Neequa was the real MVP of the Southwest flight and needed to be promoted for her gracious deed.

“Neequa is out here single-handedly saving @Southwest Airlines reputation,” one user said about the flight attendant.

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@Southwest Airlines, Please recognize and reward Neequa accordingly. She deserves it, and more!” another user begged the airline.

“I’m bawlinnnng,” a fellow mom said. “Flying alone is survival mode with babies. Any kindness is magnified times 10. Every flight needs a Neequa. 🥰”

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