The Internet Thinks They've Figured Out Who's Behind the 'Spill Sesh' YouTube Channel

Shannon Raphael - Author

Apr. 20 2020, Updated 2:31 p.m. ET

Source: YouTube

The internet loves a good conspiracy theory, and the identity behind the YouTube channel "Spill Sesh" has been a hot topic for quite some time. The channel breaks down YouTuber gossip, and it has quickly amassed more than 200,000 subscribers. But, the poster's identity has been anonymous, leading many to wonder who exactly is putting together these videos. 

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Alas, internet sleuths think that they have determined who the voice narrating the Spill Sesh videos is. The main contender for the anonymous channel's identity is none other than Shane Dawson's future sister-in-law, Morgan Adams. But, others aren't as convinced, and there are multiple other theories brewing. Was Spill Sesh created by Morgan Adams? We're breaking down the various theories.

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Did Morgan Adams create the Spill Sesh channel? 

The content on the Spill Sesh YouTube channel is SHADY to say the least. There are videos on the site that include a compilation of Olivia Jade's brattiest moments, and ones accusing multiple YouTubers of lying (including Trisha Paytas, Austin McBroom, and Danielle Cohn). 

The videos are narrated by a female voice, and fans are convinced that the voice belongs to Morgan Adams. Morgan is Ryland Adams' sister, and he's engaged to Shane Dawson. Because Shane creates a ton of YouTube content on his own, it would make sense that he helped his future sister-in-law create a lucrative channel for herself.

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That's not to say that Shane is not shaded on the channel himself. There are several videos on "Spill Sesh" about Shane and Jeffree Star's documentary, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. But, these videos actually serve as the perfect diversion from the suspicions that Shane's own family is behind the channel.

Source: Instagram
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Morgan's YouTube channel is no laughing matter, either, with over 3 million subscribers. But, because she has posted frequently on said channel in the past, it wasn't too difficult for fans to match her voice to the Spill Sesh voice.

Fans think that Morgan's decrease in posting on her regular channel is a result of her focusing more time and attention on "Spill Sesh." But, another theory is afoot that Shane is actually just using Morgan's voice for the channel.

Fans think Shane Dawson could be the one behind Spill Sesh.

Though it's fairly undeniable that the "Spill Sesh" voice sounds like Morgan, it could be because Shane is using a software that mimics her voice. Shane released a documentary about conspiracy theories on YouTube back in February of 2019, and this is where things get interesting. 

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Source: Instagram

In the documentary, Shane experiments with a software that can alter voices. He even uses Morgan's voice as an example in the video, and viewers can hear how he altered his voice to match hers. Is this proof that this is exactly what he did for the Spill Sesh channel?

Spill Sesh launched in January of 2019, making the timing of it and the documentary almost spot-on. 

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Is Jeffree Star possibly involved in Spill Sesh too?

One interesting theory about Spill Sesh's existence is that it was created as a sort of social experiment by the leading members of the beauty community (which clearly involves Jeffree Star). Some fans think that Shane and Jeffree would have collaborated on creating this channel to see how much fans would want to see the drama in the beauty world.

Source: Instagram

Jeffree and Shane's docuseries definitely provides fuel to the beauty drama fire, as they've discussed Jeffree's beef with James Charles on the series before, and NikkieTutorials' issues with Too Faced. By detailing this on the series, they've, in theory, promoted the Spill Sesh channel. 

For now, it's all speculation, and said speculation is further promoting the Spill Sesh channel. If it was created by Shane Dawson's team, then it's clear that the experiment is working.

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