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Parents Will Relate a Little Too Much to These Spring Break Memes


You love your kids. You want to soak up every precious moment because the moment you turn around they'll be grown-up. And yet, time seems to slow down as soon as schools breaks come along. You begin to count down the nanoseconds until they're back in the care of the staff and faculty who keep them alive and learning while you're at work.

At least you can take some small comfort in the fact that you're not along. Countless other moms and dads are right there with you — and some of them are very, very funny. Because if you can't laugh you'll have to cry, here are nine spring break memes and tweets every weary, annoyed parent can relate to.

1. Parenting really ages you.

Source: Twitter @douglasboneparth

You start out the break a golden lion and by the end of it, you're haggard, your hair's gone gray, and you've only got one hand. And that's if your'e lucky.