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Source: MTV

Kayla Sessler Claims Her Ex's New Girlfriend Is "Violent" on 'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant'


It’s clear to viewers that Kayla Sessler and her ex-boyfriend Stephan Alexander have one of the more contentious relationships on Season 2 of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

In a recent episode, Kayla shared that her baby daddy went four months without seeing their son Izaiah Cole, 2, in person. "I don’t owe him anything because I went above and beyond to let him be a part of Izaiah’s life, and he never follows through," she explained to a friend. "He can’t show up ever. It’s exhausting, and I’m over it."

Stephan now claims that he’s gotten his life together and is ready to spend more time with the toddler, but Kayla is reluctant to let Izaiah interact with Stephan’s live-in girlfriend due to several past incidents.