'90 Day Fiancé' Star Stephanie Matto Talks Building Her Brand by Selling Bodily Fluids (EXCLUSIVE)

Stephanie Matto is well-known for her role on the hit television show '90 Day Fiancé,' but what exactly is her net worth? Details on her finances.

Chris Barilla - Author

Jun. 2 2022, Updated 11:29 a.m. ET

Through a career that has spanned both YouTube and television fame, 90 Day Fiancé star Stephanie Matto has become well-known to many. Boasting 300,000 followers on Instagram and about 400,000 followers on YouTube, she obviously has tons of fans.

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With that being said, what exactly is Stephanie's net worth currently, and what is she doing to supplement her income? Distractify spoke exclusively with Stephanie about her business ventures outside of reality TV — and she has certainly gotten creative with the way she earns money.

Keep reading for a breakdown of all of the known details regarding her finances today.

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What is Stephanie Matto's net worth?

Thanks to her success on 90 Day Fiancé and various brand deals and endorsements that she has taken on over the years, Stephanie has accumulated an impressive net worth. Given the fact that she has only appeared in one reality TV franchise and the rest of her fame has been a result of viral internet success, there's nowhere to go but up for her.

Stephanie Matto

YouTuber, Reality television star

Net worth: $1.4 million

Stephanie Matto is an influencer, YouTuber, and reality television star known best for her stint on 90 Day Fiancé where she appeared in the show's first same-sex couple.

Birthdate: Sept. 21, 1990

Birthplace: Derby, Conn.

Birth name: Stepanka Matto

Father: Unknown

Mother: Magda Ballaro

Marriages: None

Children: None

Education: Housatonic Community College

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Stephanie Matto once bolstered her net worth by selling "jarred farts" online.

This may be the oddest thing that you read today: Stephanie actually bottled and sold her own farts online, and the market for them is huge. In one TikTok that she posted, Stephanie told fans that she made about $50,000 in one week alone from selling jarred farts.

Her TikTok has blown up ever since news of her selling farts hit the mainstream, with her original video about selling farts reaching almost seven million views.

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However, she shared with Distractify, she had to give up that particular revenue stream for her health.

"I suffered a 'fart attack,'" she said. "Which sounds funny, but to be fair, it's more common than you think. I was eating way too much food and protein that day, I think all of it was causing so much gas build up that I mistook it for heart attack symptoms and ended up in the ER. After they ran a bunch of tests and told me it wasn't a heart attack, I was discharged with instructions to take tums and rest, and decided no more fart jars. Or at least not for a while."

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After she gave that up, Stephanie began selling her boob sweat in a jar. And so far, that has proven equally as lucrative for the reality TV star. She also told us that she launched her own online subscription platform, Unfiltrd.

She originally started selling her farts and boob sweat in an effort to draw attention to her website and to encourage other content creators to think of similarly unique ideas. But Stephanie has definitely cornered the market on selling her bodily fluids.

"I think people see those headlines and sometimes forget that I am also the founder and CEO of a really successful fan subscription website and work my butt off," Stephanie said. "I bring a lot of PR and a lot of money to this platform so I can build features that other sex workers and creators can use to then make money with."

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