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Source: Paramount Pictures

This Female Streamer Got Offered $500 to Fart on a Guy's Jacket for 3 Months


There's pretty much a fetish for everything. From getting trampled on with spiked heels to having your ears and nipples munched on while listening to classic 80's cartoon intros, people love getting their rocks off in oddly specific ways. With some deep psychological digging, you could probably get to the bottom of why we get so much pleasure from the weird things we like, but I'd say some fetishes are better left unexplored.

Like this guy who wants women to fart on jackets for him.

I know it's not cool to judge people for what they like — kink-shaming and whatnot — but what in the world happened to this dude who messaged Twitch streamer, Jambo, asking if she could fart on his jacket for three months?

The best part is that this dude was serious as all heck to get it done: he asked if she would sit on his jacket during her streams and pass gas for $300 over the course of some 90 days.