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People Share the Stupidest Tips and Tricks That Actually Work



We've all gone through life doing silly things because once we were told that it works. But sometimes, those silly things actually do work. And one person on Reddit was determined to collect the absolute stupidest things we do that actually totally work. So they asked people to share theirs, and they were not disappointed. Here are some of our favorites.

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According to stoneyevora, putting hand sanitizer on bug bits totally works, even better than the itch sprays designed to stop bug bites from itching. This shouldn't be a problem to test out as everyone now has hoards of hand sanitizer lying around. 

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Another Reddit user swears by this simple trick: Put a piece of duct tape on your bike seat, and it will prevent people from stealing it. If they even think your bike seat could be ripped, they won't want your bike.

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Backbeatking reminds us that sometimes, good old "percussive maintenance" (a.k.a. hitting something) actually works. They site this article from earlier this year that describes how NASA scientists were able to fix the Mars rover "by hitting it with a shovel." Sometimes the simplest solution is indeed the most effective.

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This one seems totally out there to me, but millycactus claims that putting some ice cubes in your dryer along with clothes that need ironing will keep your clothes wrinkle-free. Just run the machine for 15 minutes, apparently. I'm going to have to try this one out!

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Another laundry tip, especially during the dry months: mference123 says they made an "anti-clothing static device" that really works to keep your clothes from getting staticky. All you have to do is take an old cloth of any kind and pin seven to 10 big safety pins to it. Then, toss it in the dryer with the rest of your clothes. "The safety pins hit the sides of the dryer, continually grounding your laundry," they explain. 

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This one is really silly, but it works! Tminor787 wrote that their aunt was having problems with family members stealing her nice jewelry! So now she puts all her nice, expensive jewelry in plastic bags and keeps her cheap stuff in her fancy jewelry boxes. Works like a charm (that someone probably stole off her bracelet!).

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GreenSalsa96 is unfortunately very correct when they say that if you are feeling tired, headachy, crampy, or otherwise unwell, for goodness' sake, drink a glass of water. It's hard to admit, but it really works. 

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For some reason, Danke_Boiye writes, spitting on your diving mask or swimming goggles and rubbing around really helps to prevent them from fogging up. Another commenter explains that doing that smooths the surface so water vapor doesn't have an easy time sticking to the surface. Makes sense to me, but I don't know why spit works better than regular water.

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Brain freeze is literally the only bad thing about eating ice cream. But, this Reddit user explains, you can mitigate a bad case of brain freeze by sucking your thumb on the roof of your mouth. You might look silly, but it will work. Alternately, you can just place your thumb on the roof of your mouth, or try to rub the roof of your mouth with your tongue. 

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This one is wild, and there are conflicting comments as to whether or not it actually works, but gopherit83 claims that if you are too far away from your car to unlock or lock your doors with the key fob, try putting it against your head. They claim that your head somehow widens the signal around your scalp "giving you a giant antenna." Others claim that it only works because you've lifted the key fob higher in the air than was before. Either way, one thing is certain: You're going to look really silly with that key fob on your head.

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