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These Stories of People Succeeding Out of Spite Will Inspire You


When I was in fourth grade, I was furious that the boys who played baseball could pitch in their games while coaches still pitched in girls' softball games. It was sexist! It was discrimination! It was wrong. If I wouldn't be allowed to pitch, I'd simply join the boys' team and pitch for them. So I did, and I was moderately successful. I sure showed them. But the point is, I went ahead and did something when people said I couldn't.

Have you ever been told you couldn't do something or would never achieve a goal and then went on to do it anyway? Perhaps that naysayer even drove you to prove them wrong. Spite can be a powerful motivator, as proved when TV and comic book writer Amanda Deibert asked people on Twitter to share the moments when they succeeded out of spite. 

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Source: Twitter

Judging from the 5,000 responses this tweet garnered, Amanda's question really resonated with people. Almost everyone has at one time or another been discouraged from pursuing their dreams. So they took that spite and anger and channeled it into something positive.