Josh Richards Says He'd "Box up" His Ex Fling Sunny Malouf

Megan Uy - Author

Feb. 18 2021, Published 12:54 p.m. ET

Josh Richards and Sunny Malouf
Source: Instagram

These days, it's kind of hard to keep up with who's dating whom in the TikTok world. There always seem to be new relationships blossoming or couples that break up... and then eventually get back together. (Hi, Bryce and Addison.) But there are also those select few duos who were on the down-low until their history is brought to light way after they were ever a thing. Exhibit A: TikTokers Sunny Malouf and Josh Richards.

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During an episode of the BFFS podcast with Josh and Dave Portnoy, Sunny's name came up and a lot of viewers may have been confused as to why. Josh and Nessa Barrett have been on-and-off since the beginning of 2020, so one wouldn't think that Josh had been seeing someone else. But he might have been...

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Sunny Malouf and Josh Richards had a "summer fling."

In December of 2020, Sunny released a song called "Disposable" that she said was inspired by the heartbreak she experienced in the past. "I'm going to be honest, I wrote this song about a boy. I'm sure you all know. He broke my heart. You know, we had a summer and he ended up choosing another girl. [He] ghosted me and left me heartbroken," she said in an Instagram video.

She went on to talk about why she wrote it and what she want listeners to get out of the lyrics. "You know, the sad reality of it is, is a lot of girls go through getting played and that's what 'Disposable' is about," she said. Sunny also told her followers that she didn't want to say the identity of the guy. She said, "And I didn't want to release his name or expose him. But it's my story, so..." 

The end of the video still had Sunny speaking, but it ended up getting bleeped out. 

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But in a TikTok just two days after she released the tea-filled video, she said that the guy who ended things with her and left her brokenhearted was Josh. The TikTok video was the same one she had put on her Instagram, but she showed the part that she cut out and even bleeped. 

"I wrote this song about Josh Richards. And he left me heartbroken. I'm not afraid to say he left me heartbroken. It's my past. That's why if you listen to 'Disposable,' you'll understand what I went through," she said.

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Josh talked about Sunny on the podcast with Dave Portnoy.

One of the latest episodes of the BFFS podcast had Josh, Bryce Hall (who was a guest), and Dave play "Fight, Marry, Kill." They were given a set of three people and had to decide who out of the three that they wanted to fight, marry, or kill. Josh had a lineup that consisted of Sunny, Jackson Mahomes, and Lil Huddy. Keep in mind, these are all people he's not on the greatest terms with.

It was tough call for Josh, but he chose to fight Sunny, marry Lil Huddy, and kill Jackson. If we're getting specific, he said he'd "box up" Sunny.

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Sunny has not commented about the game, but we wouldn't be surprised if she does sooner or later! Perhaps we'll even find out more juicy info about what went down between her and Josh now that there's some tension happening.

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Who is Sunny Malouf?

Sunny is definitely a face you've seen lingering around your FYP on TikTok. The girl is only 16 years old and has more than a million followers on the app, where you can find her posting dance videos and collaborating with other influencers. 

She first got famous when she released her single "Lightning in a Bottle" on iTunes in 2015. And she was a member of Jake Paul's infamous Team 10 content group, where she also gained some fame. Now, she has been focused on creating music and pursuing her singing career.

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