This Is How Carol Got Electrocuted in Season 5 of 'Superstore'

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Jan. 28 2021, Updated 1:06 p.m. ET

Source: NBC

Season 5 of Superstore touched on topics like attempted murder and near-death experiences. 

In an episode titled "Sandra's Wedding," Carol tries to kill Biscuit, Sandra's cat, because Sandra is marrying her ex-boyfriend Jerry, whom she still loves. Carol pays for the big mistake in the episode, "Carol's Back." Abandoned by her colleagues, she is told to look after a robot — which is how she ends up electrocuting herself.

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What happened to Carol after she got electrocuted in Season 5 of 'Superstore?'

Season 5 of Superstore sends Carol (Irene White) on a rollercoaster-like journey. Throughout the season, she has to watch her nemesis, Sandra (Kaliko Kauahi), plan her wedding with Jerry (Chris Grace).

The much-awaited extravaganza allows Cloud 9 employees like Dina (Lauren Ash), Mateo (Nico Santos), Amy (America Ferrera), and many others to come together and celebrate Sandra — much to Carol's disappointment. 

superstore carol electrocuted
Source: NBC
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Not one to quietly accept her fate, Carol comes up with a secret masterplan to complicate the wedding. 

On the day of the big event, she loudly admits that she laced the cupcakes with laxatives to distract everyone, then sets out in search of Biscuit in hopes to ruin Sandra's mood. Fortunately, Dina intervenes at the right time — and ruins her plan. 

Carol's colleagues protest against her actions, and she's not welcome at the store after the news about her cat-killing plans get out. 

She has to grapple with the backlash resulting from her behavior at Sandra's wedding. With most Cloud 9 employees refusing to be around her, she has no choice but to look after the robot. Needless to say, it doesn't go down well. 

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superstore carol electrocuted
Source: NBC

Carol's rivalry with Sandra has long fascinated 'Superstore' fans.

Carol's long-standing conflict with Sandra dates all the way back to Season 2 of Superstore

Sandra develops an interest in Jerry in "Ladies' Lunch." In the episode, Carol tells Jerry the lie that Sandra has a boyfriend so she can get rid of Sandra and win over his heart. 

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superstore carol electrocuted
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Carol's rivalry with Sandra got progressively worse over the past few seasons of Superstore. Unable to accept that they both like Jerry, they decide to wage a war on each other. 

In a Season 2 episode, "Tornado," Sandra sternly refuses to help out Carol. Left to her own devices, she has to make do alone in the middle of a gigantic storm. 

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From tampering with Sandra's launch to dropping a gigantic slow-cooker on her, there's hardly any method Carol doesn't try to make Sandra's life living hell. 

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In Season 6 of 'Superstore,' Carol decides to sue Cloud 9.

Season 6 of Superstore could bring about some changes for the two.  

"Biscuit" captures Sandra's attempts to save her cat by asking her colleagues to help her cover the costs of surgery. Her efforts turn out to be insufficient, however. Biscuit passes away, but Sandra decides to spend the money her colleagues lent her on a necklace made of Biscuit's ashes. 

Surprisingly enough, Carol turns out to be strangely empathetic toward her struggles — only to reveal later on in the episode that she is suing Cloud 9. Arguably, her past experiences with getting electrocuted may have played into the decision. 

Catch new episodes of Superstore every Thursday at 8.30 p.m. ET on NBC. 

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