"Go Buy a Lottery Ticket" — Couple Surprises Family With Triplets at Gender Reveal

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Sep. 5 2023, Published 9:10 a.m. ET

What's better than discovering you're having triplets? Surprising your friends and family during what they thought was a single baby gender reveal, of course. OK, maybe "better" isn't the right word. But it certainly made things memorable for one couple. In a TikTok video shared by @jordanflomofficial, whose real name is Jordan, he and his wife surprise the guests at their gender reveal celebration when they tell them that they're going to be spending three times the amount of money on diapers.

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Everyone, especially one of the doting grandmas, is ecstatic in the video. But the shock itself almost seems unreal, since gender reveal parties typically occur with the knowledge that the parents are expecting either one child or multiples. The icing on the cake is that everyone in the video is so supportive that you just know these triplets are going to have a village of people ready to support them.

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A couple surprises everyone at their gender reveal with news of triplets.

In the video, Jordan and his wife gather their loved ones around them to watch as they pop a large balloon, which will tell them if they are having a boy or girl. However, before they pop it, Jordan says he has to run and get scissors. When he returns with a second balloon, the crowd goes, quite literally, wild. Everyone, except for Jordan's wife of course, is shook.

But then, before they pop the two balloons, Jordan asks where another guest is. And seconds later, she enters the backyard with a third balloon. The couple's family, including one of the grandmothers, is ecstatic at the thought of welcoming not one or two, but three new babies into the family. And it's a pretty adorable way to let everyone know the news. Which, by the way, was extremely rare, according to Jordan.

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"So they put [the ultrasound probe] on her stomach and they go, 'head, head, head,'" Jordan says in the video. "And she goes, gets the doctor, the doctor comes back. And [it was] spontaneous. They were like, 'Are you on IVF?' And they're like, 'This doesn't happen. Go buy a lottery ticket.'"

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In case you're more invested in the reveal part of the gender reveal party, once Jordan and his wife pop all three balloons, we see blue confetti. Which is, according to parties like this which claim pink for one gender and blue for another, the sign that Jordan and his wife are expecting triplet boys.

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Everyone is here for the grandma of the triplets.

Say what you will about the "extra" nature of gender reveal parties on top of baby showers and any other baby-related celebrations during a pregnancy, but many of the comments pass the vibe check. Most of the users who commented under the gender reveal video show how they actually like the outcome of this gender reveal. And many love the grandma, whose excitement is contagious.

In the video, either Jordan or his wife's mother screams each time a new balloon is brought in. And she appears to be more excited than anyone, not including the parents of the triplets, of course.

One user commented, "I am officially in love with grandma-to-be! You know she is going to be such a big help! Congratulations!" Another agreed, "She is the best energy."

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In addition to the comments about the grandma being "the best grandma ever" and having "golden retriever energy," TikTok users applauded the family in general. And as one user put it, "The kind of people that can keep a secret of this magnitude from everyone is a whole different breed."

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