SWOOP Has a Massively Popular YouTube Channel, but She Remains a Bit of a Mystery


Sep. 15 2023, Published 11:51 a.m. ET

The Gist:

  • SWOOP is one of the most prolific YouTubers out there, and also has a history that dates back to the very beginning of YouTube as a platform.
  • Her real name is a mystery to many of her followers, and she began her career on YouTube uploading silly fashion videos.
  • Now, SWOOP uploads a wide array of content, and is known for the high quality of every video she puts out.
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One of the greatest blessings and curses of the internet is that it allows anyone and everyone to live behind a veil of anonymity. That means that even influencers who have massive followings may be able to hide aspects of who they truly are, and even things as basic as their real name.

That's definitely the case for the YouTuber and social media personality SWOOP, who is a prolific content creator and musician on YouTube who posts a wide array of different videos. Following her latest series on Colleen Ballinger, who many people have been following voraciously, many people want to know more about who SWOOP really is.

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What is SWOOP from YouTube's real name?

In fact, some people don't even know what SWOOP's actual name is. SWOOP has been on YouTube for a long time, and when she first began posting, she was using the name Spankie Valentine. While SWOOP claims that is her real name, it's unclear whether that means it's the name she was born with or one she adopted herself later on. Either way, that seems to be the name she continues to use to this day.

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Who is SWOOP?

One of the remarkable things about SWOOP, though, is that she has managed to keep almost all of the details of her life outside of YouTube a secret, so much so that she has basically only allowed the details about her life out there that she wants known. In an "About Me" she filmed more than a decade ago, she discusses her history as a high school athlete and serious student.

SWOOP came up through UrbanOG.com, where she began editing clever videos and making pretty silly fashion content. In the years since, her videos have changed and evolved right alongside YouTube, to the point where she now spends a significant chunk of her time discussing the various dramas and stories of other YouTubers.

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Source: YouTube

SWOOP's career has evolved, to be sure, but what remains true is that she's one of the more prolific and talented video producers on YouTube, which is part of the reason people flock to her content. Whatever she's discussing in a given video, viewers know that the content will be well thought out and carefully crafted, and that she and her team will give their all to the project.

She may not share much about her personal life, but it seems like most of her most ardent followers have accepted that, and have decided to embrace the content that she gives them instead of wishing they were getting something else.

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