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Source: Netflix

If You Think 'The Witcher' Is Wack Then You're Probably Going to Love Netflix's 'Giri/Haji'


The Witcher is a smash success on Netflix, with tons of critics and fans saying that it's helping to fill the empty hole in their hearts that Game of Thrones left behind. However, some folks aren't really all that into swords and sorcery, and are instantly turned off by the genre, even if they love gritty dramas with dark subject matter. Some people enjoy more "real life" narratives, which is why I'm recommending Giri/Haji, starring Takehiro Hira, to all my Witcher-hating friends.

Why 'Giri/Haji'?

No, the two shows really don't have that much in common, one is based off of a famous series of Polish books that were turned into a wildly successful video game franchise, while the other is a new crime drama that simultaneously takes place in London and Tokyo and deals with the Yakuza. But those shades of grey, dark characters, pull-no-punches plot, and, of course, lots of brutal violence, make the shows a lot more similar than one might expect.