Social Media Star Tana Mongeau Is Dating a Younger Man She Snagged From Her Podcast Cohost

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Oct. 16 2023, Updated 4:22 p.m. ET

Tana Mongeau
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Tana Mongeau attends Afterparty celebrates the launch of their new social platform

The Gist:

  • Social media influencer Tana Mongeau has a wild relationship history that includes a possibly fake marriage to Jake Paul.
  • On a recent episode of her podcast Tana revealed she was dating a wealthy 21 year-old gifted to her from Brooke.
  • Tana was previously dating rapper Chris Miles.
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Those familiar with social media star Tana Mongeau know she's faced romantic rollercoasters aplenty. After many exes and even a failed "marriage" to Jake Paul, dating rumors surrounding the storytime influencer continue to swirl. During the Oct. 14, 2023 episode of Tana's podcast Cancelled, that she hosts with best friend Brooke Schofield, Tana revealed she was seeing someone. Who is Tana Mongeau dating? He is young and rich.

Tana Mongeau
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Tana Mongeau attends the 2022 People's Choice Awards

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Who is Tana Mongeau dating? They met via Brooke in a pretty unusual way.

"Seven or eight podcasts ago, Brooke was discussing that she met a man that had some interest in her but she wasn't sure if they were the right match," says Tana. What gave Brooke pause, was the amount of money this man had and his willingness to toss it around. She's not into flashy dudes, but Tana is.

Tana's interest was immediately piqued, so she asked Brooke, "If you don't want him, can I have him?" Brooke did what best friends tend to do, which is say yes in order to help out a pal. "She is dating him," Brooke said laughing. "I love him," Tana fired back. According to Brooke he's good-looking, fun, and rich which is all Tana needs in this one wild life of hers.

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The two did know each other, and the mystery man had been asking Tana out when she finally agreed to a date. This wasn't entirely out of left field. Tana wanted flashy and that's exactly what she got on their first date. The gentleman picked her up and brought her to a fancy hotel in Los Angeles where the staff was waiting for them to arrive. They were brought to a speakeasy in the hotel where they "vibed on each other" for the duration of the evening.

Brooke Schofield and Tana Mongeau
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Brooke and Tana spilling the tea about Tana's new fella

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Some tension entered the chat between Brooke and Tana when the topic of the mystery man's age came up. It was revealed he is 21 years-old, but Tana is only 25 so her trepidation is somewhat confusing. Evidently in the world of business, age is just a number because this dude "runs several multi-million dollar companies." I wonder what his parents do for a living?

Two days after their first date, the mystery man had to go to Napa for work and told Tana he wanted to see her. She very smartly said they would see each other soon, but he booked a private jet for her anyway. Now, Tana didn't end up going but this definitely smacks of love bombing. She seemed so touched by the fact that he wasn't mad, which is kind of a bummer. She's happy that he wasn't angry about the fact that she skipped out on something she clearly didn't want to do, and said as much.

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Tana Mongeau was linked to an up-and-coming rapper in 2021.

Fans had been speculating the identity of Tana's boyfriend for months after a series of posts to her Instagram included pictures of his hands or back. In one cheeky post, she tagged the mystery man as @you.thought.hoe, with a photo of his back to the camera kissing her.

She later posted another photo with the mystery man's hand in the post, further sparking rumors and speculation.

Tana Mongeau
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Tana Mongeau is not into toxic relationships

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It didn't take fans long to add up that the person who had been spending so much time with Tana was Chris Miles, a rapper and former America's Got Talent contestant from Long Island, NY.

The couple went internet-official on July 8, 2021, when Tana gleefully tweeted their relationship status.

Who is Chris Miles?

Chris Miles has been in the music industry since 2012 when he put out his first mixtape, "I Am Me." The rapper is signed to independent music label T3 Music Group, which also produces musician and social media star Jacob Satorius.

Since 2012, Chris has put out five more mixtapes and one EP, with his first studio album "Nothing Matters Anymore" released in 2020.

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Source: Twitter/@RealChrisMiles

Sadly, it wasn't long before Tana and Chris called it quits. In October 2021, Tana released a TikTok video (which has since been deleted) saying "our past allows us to accept the love we think we deserve but we can grow from it," per Seventeen.

She also posted several worrisome tweets, one saying "i know ur hurting too it breaks me," and another saying "wanna b healthy i’m done :)."

When Chris wrote on his Instagram Stories "hmu im single," Tana shot back, writing "the definition of cruelty. u never loved me. no more toxic public sh*t for me ever again." Hopefully Tana has jumped out of the dysfunctional dumpster fire and into the functional frying pan with her new beau. Will she bring some lessons from her previous relationship to the table? Only time will tell.

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