A Target Employee Damaged a Woman’s Diaper Box so She Could Get a Discount

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jan. 11 2024, Published 5:41 p.m. ET

It never hurts to take some time out of your day to do a good deed. This can look like opening the door for the person behind you or sending someone you love a kind message just to let them know they’re on your mind. Of course, in today’s economy, one of the kindest things a person can do is gift another person some cash to boost their wallets. If they can’t do that, we’re sure no one would object to someone saving them a few coins.

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On TikTok, one woman shared how a Target employee did the latter in a creative, somewhat violent way. The woman also stated that the retail angel should be the department store’s next “employee of the month,” and after seeing his gesture, we must agree!

Target employees carrying a TV to a car
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A woman publicly thanked a Target employee for damaging her diaper box to give her a discount.

Whether they’re making TikToks complain about careless customers moving their food items around or being disturbed by a customer calling them by the name on their branded name tag, Target employees are a fed-up bunch. So, it’s understandable that some who work for the addicting corporation aren’t afraid to break the rules while on the clock.

As TikTok user Izzie Steele (@izziesteele) discovered while on a Target run, the store’s employees are entirely on customers’ sides and want them to save a buck by any means necessary. In November 2023, as Izzie sat in her car, she shared how one of her local Target employees did what needed to be done to get her a 20 percent discount.

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Izzie began her video by shouting out the employee, Ian. Izzie and Ian met while the content creator picked up a box of diapers. She said that Ian brought the box to her car and then proceeded to drop the box on the ground.

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The drop caused a dent in the box, which confused Izzie. After wondering to herself, "What the f--- is this guy doing?” Ian slyly mentioned that the dent would be enough to give Izzie a discount on the diaper box.

“He looked at me in the eyes and went, ‘Oops, your box is damaged,'” Izzie said. “'I'm gonna give you 20 percent off, I guess.' Employee of the month right there.”

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Those who watched Izzie’s video feared the TikToker’s post would get the Target employee fired.

Izzie’s post about Ian, the Target employee’s kindness, proves that all heroes don’t wear capes. Sometimes, a hero can be an employee who believes their corporation makes far too much money to miss a 20 percent markdown.

Ian’s heroic efforts also resonated with Izzie’s TikTok viewers. Many commenters recalled having an “Ian” around during their shopping experiences.

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“Ian has “f--- this job” energy, and we love it,” said one commenter.

Others wished they could’ve had an Ian around when they had an already damaged item. Some even wondered if Ian wanted a little more from Izzie than his good deed.

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Izzie also received many comments from users who, like me, wondered why she had to name-drop Ian in the story. While there are millions of Target stores, everyone, including the corporation, is on TikTok and could narrow down the one Izzie attended if they had the time. Many fans worried Izzie may have cost Ian his job. Hopefully, that’s not the case!

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“Ian now gets fired because of this TikTok,” a user said.

“Girl, why'd you say his name?!” another user asked.

“There are 6 Ians in my Target. They all got fired today,” a third user joked.

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