Potter's House Bishop TD Jakes Has Allegedly Been Accused of Sexual Assault

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Dec. 22 2023, Updated 3:56 p.m. ET

Bishop TD Jakes on stage during the 9th Annual HOPE Global Forums at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta on Dec. 13, 2022
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The Gist:

  • Bishop TD Jakes could be in hot water amid new accusations pointing to sexual assault.
  • In the past, Time Magazine called TD Jakes "America's Best Preacher."
  • Sean "Diddy" Combs is also facing sexual assault allegations, which is how the potential TD Jakes scandal came to light.
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We would all love for our bishops to be fine and upstanding people, but that’s not always the case. Age-old stories of sexual abuse in the church have morphed into stereotypes about church leaders and as it turns out, TD Jakes might fit right into that box. Akin to Billy Graham in popularity and style, TD Jakes has been called “America’s Best Preacher” by Time Magazine, among other titles.

But after the allegations against Sean Combs aka Diddy came out in late 2023, the TD Jakes scandal was soon to follow. Combs has been accused of sexual assault and abuse that occurred throughout his relationship with R&B singer Cassie Ventura. Now, a TikTok video that made its way to Twitter alleges that Ventura provided more evidence against Combs that also incriminates Jakes.

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Bishop TD Jakes speaks on stage during the Woman Evolve 2023 day 3 at Globe Life Field on Sept. 16, 2023
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The TD Jakes controversy includes sexual assault allegations and closeted homosexuality.

After Combs settled his first major lawsuit, Ventura was encouraged to go to the feds with more evidence, according to TikToker @jusnene. It should be noted, however, that everything is alleged, and without any confirmed sources, there’s no way of knowing how true this information is. Regardless, Jusnene has some interesting accusations to share, to say the least.

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“[Ventura] has turned over videotapes, a USB drive, and Kim Porter’s burner phone.” Kim Porter was Combs’s ex-partner with whom he shared three children before she passed away in 2018 from lobar pneumonia. “Now, there is also an alleged email out saying a plethora of other things that include TD Jakes with Diddy,” Jusnene explains as she goes on to play a tape of an unidentified male voice.

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“[Ventura] was finally convinced to give up the audio tapes and video recordings that contain the footage of [sex] parties and other private gatherings that feature some pretty powerful and prominent people,” he said. “I’m told that there are a slew of artists, politicians, and entertainers that are about to be exposed and arrested for [human trafficking].”

“I’m also told that multiple male escorts corroborated the fact that TD Jakes has slept with multiple men at Diddy’s parties and abroad and they refer to him as being a power bottom.” The allegation here is that Jakes is secretly gay. There’s nothing wrong or illegal about being gay or even keeping it a secret! However, if he makes his money by perpetuating a false image while continuously cheating on his wife with men, that’s not OK.

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“It’s also been said that a young male has acquired a lawyer to represent him as he is set to sue Jakes for an incident that took place when he was just [unspecified] years old,” the man continued. He kept the young man’s age a secret, but it’s implied that the young man was a minor when whatever incident took place, which is definitely illegal.

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“It’s been said that the young man was forced to perform sloppy toppy,” he said, making a rape allegation against Jakes. “It’s been said that the man’s family were members of the Potter’s House, but left the church in 2015. According to multiple church insiders, the parents were paid off to keep quiet. The guy’s a grown man now and is seeking his own justice.”

“It’s been said that the young man doesn’t even deal with his parents even to this day because they took hush money,” he continued. “According to [unnamed Pastor], Bishop Jakes is about to get railroaded and all of his dirt will be exposed. That’s why the bishop has quietly lawyered up. He sees his fall from Grace coming.”

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Sean "Diddy" Combs walking in London on Nov. 10, 2023
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Jusnene adds that allegations are also circling that Jakes sexually assaulted actor Christian Keyes. This is all a lot to take in, especially for fans of the bishop. But he has been tied to Combs for years. He has his own past of skeletons between his son’s arrest for allegedly exposing himself in 2009 and his son-in-law’s alleged sexual abuse towards his adopted daughter.

However, many major media outlets have yet to pick up the story, which means that any sort of evidence has yet to be substantiated and confirmed by a reliable source. So take the controversy with a grain of salt!

Report online or in-person sexual abuse of a child or teen by calling the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-4453 or visiting childhelp.org. Learn more about the warning signs of child abuse at RAINN.org.

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