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Source: twitter

Teacher Puts up Massive Sign on Classroom Door Warning Students Not to Spoil 'Endgame'


People are cracking up at this student's post about a teacher who went through some serious lengths to ensure that his students didn't spoil Avengers: Endgame for him.

I'm not someone who really minds getting movies or TV shows spoiled for him. It's not like I'm actively seeking spoilers out or anything, but if it gets "ruined" for me by accident, I'm not really going to care all that much. Personally, I like seeing how the movie plays and how the effect of what the director's going for is achieved, than the actual plot points of the film.

That doesn't mean I don't totally understand other people who aren't into having movies spoiled for them, especially when it's a super hot film like Avengers: Endgame.

So say that the Marvel film is one of the most anticipated films of all time, if not all time, would be an understatement. Infinity War set super crazy stakes and shattered box office records, and Endgame just shattered yet another one.

In a single Friday, Endgame earned a walloping $157 million, and I expect it to easily hit $400 million before Monday, April 29th, and probably over $2 billion worldwide before its finally pulled from theaters.

I haven't seen the movie yet because I'm waiting to watch it with my wife, even though I do know, by word of mouth and looking up some spoilers online (for work). There are tons of people who are adamant about watching the movie with someone special. Like Twitter user @Kamilious' teacher.