Bargainer Statue Locations Guide — Where to Find Them in 'Tears of the Kingdom'

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May 16 2023, Published 4:37 p.m. ET

'Tears of the Kingdom' A Bargainer statue sitting underground Hyrule.
Source: Nintendo

Across various locations inside the Depths, players will stumble upon several mysterious Bargainer Statues in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. These stony-faced statues are giant structures, which players can pray to and acquire Depths-related gear by exchanging Poes.

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The Depths, a sprawling, subterranean area underneath Hyrule, is one of the newest additions in Tears of the Kingdom for players to venture through. Beneath the kingdom's grasslands are deep caverns, where players must use light sources like torches and Lightroots to illuminate sections of the Depths.

Link entering the Depths in 'Tears of the Kingdom'
Source: Nintendo
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While running around lighting up the place, you may locate a Bargainer Statue or two, but most can be tricky to find. Here's a breakdown of where to locate each Bargainer Statue in Tears of the Kingdom.

All Bargainer Statue locations in 'Tears of the Kingdom.'

In total, there are six Bargainer Statues in Tears of the Kingdom. The easiest of the bunch to find is at Lookout Landing in Robbie and Josha's office.

This statue was excavated and is much smaller than the rest. You could spend 100 Poes at this Bargainer Statue to locate the others immediately within the Depths or give up 150 to acquire the Dark Tunic armor piece for Link.

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But if you're hurting for Poes, locating the others on foot will be your next best decision. Below is a list of their coordinates and what armor pieces you can obtain from them with Poes:

Bargainer StatueArmor itemLocation
Stakijat Lightroot150 Poes for the Tunic of the Depths armor.Found north of the Stakijat Lightroot at 0458, -0805, -0470.
Wellspring of Power200 Poes for the Dark Trousers armor.Found north of the Wellspring of Power at 3708, 2599, -0414.
'Tears of the Kingdom' Link gliding through clouds nearby sky islands.
Source: Nintendo
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Wellspring of Wisdom300 Poes for the Hood of the Depths armor.Found near the Wellspring of Wisdom at -3812, -1308, -0858.
Wellspring of Courage200 Poes for the Gaiters of the Depths armor.Found north of the Wellspring of Courage at 0883, -2404, -0393.
Nikakik Lightroot300 Poes for the Dark Hood armor.Found west of Nikakik Lightroot at -1031, 2690, -0273.

Where to find Poes in 'Tears of the Kingdom.'

Scattered throughout the Depths will be Poes of varying sizes, but each will be a small glowing tuft of blue flames floating just above the ground. You can see them while exploring just about everywhere inside the Depths.

Run up to them and press A to pick them up. You'll likely come across larger ones that give five Poes a pop. There are also unique Grand Poes here, each offering 20 Poes when collected.

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'Tears of the Kingdom' Link standing nearby Poes within the Depths.
Source: Nintendo

Keep an eye out for these little wisps while excavating and spelunking through the Depths, especially if you want to get your hands on the gear purchasable at the many Bargainer Statues.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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