Ted Cruz's Daughter's TikTok Is Now Private Following a Viral Christmas Card


Dec. 28 2021, Published 10:16 a.m. ET

Being related to a famous politician can come with plenty of baggage, especially if you're a child who didn't ask to be born to the father you have. Recently, one such political child, Ted Cruz's daughter Caroline Cruz, went viral in part thanks to a family Christmas card that suggested she was not having a very good time.

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Caroline Cruz goes viral for a stank face.

Maddie Jenkins, the daughter of a Dallas County judge, posted a viral video on TikTok in which she commented on how Ted Cruz's oldest daughter, Caroline, 13, looks absolutely miserable in their family Christmas card. The front of the card shows the whole family, including Ted's younger daughter, Catherine, and the inside shows Caroline and Catherine holding their pets. In both pictures, it looks like Caroline absolutely refused to smile.

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Caroline then commented on the video and identified herself as the miserable kid in the photo. Maddie also said that she was only allowed to keep the post up because Caroline had found it amusing.

“Ok thank you so much for commenting because my dad saw it and the only reason I’m not in trouble is because you thought it was funny,” Maddie wrote in response to Caroline's comment.

Caroline's TikTok went viral after the video.

Thanks in large part to the video, Caroline's TikTok gained a slew of new followers. Her account also gained steam because she responded to a question in the comments of Maddie's video asking her if she agreed with her ultra-conservative father politically, and she said "not usually."

In her first video after her explosion in followers, Caroline offered a list of pros and cons to being Ted's daughter, which included her reemphasizing that she disagrees with him on pretty much everything.

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Caroline also explained that the Christmas card photos had been edited to make it look like the shirt she was wearing covered her torso when it was actually a crop top.

She also explained that she's bisexual, but she hasn't told her father yet because she's nervous. "I don’t think he would be mad about it,” she added.

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Caroline's TikTok account is now private.

Just hours after Caroline revealed that she was bisexual, Caroline's account suddenly became private. This sudden change in the account's status led many to believe that Caroline's father had discovered the account and ordered his daughter to make it private.

Caroline's openness on social media reminded many of Claudia Conway, who used social media to post about her parents Kellyanne and George, two conservatives who had totally opposed beliefs about Donald Trump. Claudia's posts went viral in the late stages of the Trump administration, and Ted likely wanted to avoid becoming central to a similar story.

Caroline's moment of virality was much briefer than Claudia's, and it may be some time before we see her posting openly on social media. She's still quite young, and her parents are definitely within their rights to dictate how she behaves online, even if you find their political views abhorrent.

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