16 Thanksgiving Tweets to Get You in the Turkey Day Spirit

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Nov. 20 2019, Updated 4:13 p.m. ET

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There's no denying that Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite holidays... but with a surplus of "family time," awkward moments are bound to ensue. 

To ensure that there are no ~dull moments~ at the grown-ups table this year, however, I'll definitely be referring to each and every one of these Thanksgiving Day tweets. Not only are they seriously relatable, but they're bound to get you in the Turkey Day spirit.

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1. When your Thanksgiving bod is on fleek

And there's going to be a lot more where that came from at Thanksgiving dinner. The crescent rolls are mine — you can't take this away from me, y'all.

2. Because mom is cooking up that good-good

I'm coming home, and I'm hungry AF. I don't need good conversation at Thanksgiving dinner, I just need to be sitting next to the bowl of mashed potatoes.

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3. Wrangling your family is really, really hard

Please don't do this to your family this year, guys... and if you do, blame others for your poor directional skills.

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4. We always need more Thanksgiving movies

There's nothing better than watching an action movie on Thanksgiving, and TBH, a Godzilla vs. Turkey flick would be seriously legendary. Netflix, fix this.

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5. Chrissy Teigen calling people out, as usual

Please, please, please don't openly admit that your cousin had a "glow-up" or whatever. And if you do, maybe block Chrissy from seeing it.

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6. Because work is a mess before the holidays

Oh, you want me to have this paper done, come in on time, and continue my workout regime until Thanksgiving Day? I'm not superman, you know.

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7. Bringing good old-fashioned meme-ery to Turkey Day

TBH I don't think my mom is aware of this Twitter trend, but she definitely will be before Thanksgiving dinner is over. Sorry not sorry, y'all.

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8. Everyone knows Thanksgiving is an emotional roller coaster

Does Thanksgiving really need anything aside from unresolved problems and low calorie, alcoholic beverages? I think not, thank you very much. 

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9. Capitalism... help!

Everyone freaking knows about Toyota-thon and nobody actually celebrates. Let's follow @crocfanpage's directions and give it a little recognition this year.

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10. Classic family drama, right?

Again, a Chrissy Teigen reference is all of us amidst relatable awkward moments, and this one in particular is an all too-common problem.

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11. Only one will win the title

Food fight!

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12. All I want for Christmas is proper seasonal music

Playing Christmas music at Thanksgiving is a sin. If you do this before Dec. 1, Santa Claus will actively avoid your home.

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13. Taking volunteers!

Need help talking to family? Looking for a stand-in girlfriend? Hire me!

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Thanksgiving seriously could not come sooner. I'm just trying to survive until I get to go home, and celebrate with my high school pals the night before. Is that too much to ask?

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15. Sorry, baby Yoda is always cuter

Oh, you want me to sit here and pretend your baby is nearly as cute as baby Yoda? Yeah, OK.

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16. Since a Turkey Trot definitely won't be in the cards

Running before Thanksgiving? Ha, count me out.

Thanksgiving is an undeniably stressful time of year, so if you need a break, take to Twitter to laugh it out. Your family will definitely thank you. 

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