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Source: Getty Images

There's Only One Season of 'The Bachelor' on Netflix and the Internet Is Dying


Fans of The Bachelor have been waiting for the show to be released on any streaming service so they can relive some of their favorite moments. But just ahead of the Season 24 premiere, our prayers have been answered. Well... sort of.

Without really any announcement from ABC or Netflix, the streaming service has uploaded Season 13 for subscribers to watch. Yes, that's right — only Season 13.

Season 13 is a decade old at this point.

This comes as a real surprise to fans because instead of letting everyone catch up with the most recent contestants from the last few seasons, ABC has only released Season 13 to stream on Netflix. The season, which is almost a decade old at this point, seems completely random to release.

The contestants from that season are long out of the public eye and are no longer in the Bachelor universe, but this is also one of the few seasons to have a happy ending.