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Source: HBO

The Ending to HBO's 'The Outsider' Could Be Vastly Different Than the Stephen King Book


Walking the tightrope of creating a TV adaptation of a novel can be tricky. You have to appease longtime fans of the book, while also making the TV show or miniseries come across on-screen as entertaining as possible for viewers who are unfamiliar with the source material. When Stephen King’s The Outsider premieres on HBO, it will be up to the same kind of scrutiny from new and old fans, but you have to expect it will differ, at least slightly, from the book on which it’s based.

The plot of both the book and the new series is a mixture of true crime and supernatural components. It follows the murder of a young boy and the man believed to have been behind the crime. But when the investigators involved in the case are met with supernatural entities, the case is thrown into a tizzy and the mystery deepens. From the looks of The Outsider trailer, the general storyline in the TV version will be similar enough. But as with most adaptations, there will be some creative liberties taken.