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Source: FOX

A 'Simpsons' Christmas Episode Ranking to Help You End the Holiday Season the Right Way


The Simpsons is known for its epic Halloween episodes, but there are Christmas episodes of The Simpsons that are also some of the most memorable ones. They don't come with labels similar to "Treehouse of Horrors," but they are memorable for casual and dedicated fans alike. If you've never laughed at Homer's incompetence and marveled at how well meaning he can be in one episode, are you even a Simpsons fan?

These are the best Christmas episodes of The Simpsons ranked from good to unforgettable.

8. "Kill Gil, Volumes I & II" — Season 18

Source: FOX

When the recurring down and out character Gil spends Christmas with the Simpson family after losing his job as a Santa, he overstays his welcome and ends up ingraining himself in the family for almost an entire year. This Season 18 Christmas episode is one that shows how well the show balances between being heartwarming and laugh out loud funny. The episode is also basically a twofer, as it starts with one Christmas and ends as another Christmas season begins.