'The Ultimatum' Followed in 'Love Is Blind's Footsteps with Very Specific Wine Glasses

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Apr. 7 2022, Published 1:55 p.m. ET

Jake and April from 'The Ultimatum'
Source: Netflix

Jake and April from 'The Ultimatum.'

When Love Is Blind premiered its second season on Netflix, viewers took notice of the now-iconic gold wine glasses the cast used for drinks in every scene. And now, The Ultimatum, which is hosted by the same husband and wife celebrity duo Nick and Vanessa Lachey, has cups of its own for fans to discuss.

It might not sound like the most noteworthy part of the series, and it isn't, but there are already a lot of fan reactions to the silver wine glasses on The Ultimatum.

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'The Ultimatum' fans have lots to say about those silver wine glasses.

Any time a cast member takes a drink, whether they're poolside where much of filming took place in the first episode, or out at a restaurant, they use a silver wine glass. It seems to be a *thing* on The Ultimatum and viewers took note of the cups right away.

A tweet about the silver wine glasses from 'The Ultimatum'
Source: Twitter / @JaneDash

A tweet about the silver wine glasses from 'The Ultimatum.'

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It's hard to ignore the cups when they appear in almost every scene. Producers even somehow managed to get local restaurants and bars to allow the cast members to use the silver cups in place of traditional glasses.

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The reason behind the silver cups is probably similar to that of the gold ones. In February 2022 Love Is Blind creator Chris Coelen, who also created The Ultimatum, told Variety he chose the gold cups as a way to make the series standout among other reality dating shows.

But fans also know the glasses with their opaque color is a way of keeping the contents shielded and getting away with continuity errors. The same can likely be said for the silver cups in The Ultimatum.

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Honestly, though, some viewers just want to know where they get the silver wine glasses now. While it may be too early to tell if The Ultimatum is as impactful of a show as Love Is Blind, it attracted many of the same fans for its first season on Netflix.

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One fan tweeted that they really don't care how much the cast drinks, if that's why the silver cups are opaque like the gold ones. To be fair, the color does conceal how much alcohol each cast member drinks. But, as with Love Is Blind, it's all likely about preventing continuity errors.

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At this point, The Ultimatum cups are a total thing, along with the ones from Love Is Blind. And even if they don't catch on as easily as the gold wine glasses, they probably aren't going anywhere.

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Even before The Ultimatum premiered, though, people tweeted about what the cups would be like since the show is from the creator of Love Is Blind. And, as we now know, those viewers were right about getting a different metallic color for The Ultimatum cups.

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Another fan wondered on Twitter if Netflix made some kind of deal with a company to manufacture cups for both shows. It doesn't really matter at this point, though. Because even if you came here to make fun of the silver wine glasses on The Ultimatum, you likely stayed for the undeniable drama.

If The Ultimatum finds similar success on Netflix as Love Is Blind, then we can fully expect the silver cups to become an iconic fixture of the series. And really, who's complaining?

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