'There's Someone Inside Your House' Is a Gory Teen Whodunit

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Oct. 8 2021, Published 11:13 a.m. ET

'There's Someone Inside Your House' Cast
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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for There's Someone Inside Your House.

Usually, when a young adult novel is adapted for television or film, the general tone remains the same. So when fans of the book There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins geared up for the Netflix film adaptation, they expected horror to a degree.

What they probably didn't expect was the amount of blood, gore, and general mayhem at the hand of the mysterious masked killer.

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The themes presented in There's Someone Inside Your House aren't exactly for kids, but they're fine for young adult viewers. The blood and violence, however, might need a closer look from parents to determine just how appropriate the movie is. It's not exactly scary, except for a few well-timed jump scares, but there's a lot of blood.

Théodore Pellerin in 'There's Someone Inside Your House'
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Are the themes in 'There's Someone Inside Your House' appropriate for kids?

Most of the themes in There's Someone Inside Your House revolve around high school kids. Their secrets are revealed one by one as a mysterious killer wears a mask of each victim before he kills them.

There are secrets involving guilt over a hazing ritual gone wrong, one student's secret white-supremacist life, and another teenager's pill addiction.

In that regard, There's Someone Inside Your House should be fine for most teenagers.

When it comes to the blood and horror in There's Someone Inside Your House, however, that's another story. In one scene, a victim's Achilles heels are snipped by the killer. In another scene, a machete is driven into someone's chest.

And one victim, who is later hung above a church altar, is stabbed in the face through a wall. When you compare the amount of actual gore in the novel on which the movie is based, the movie definitely veers from the source material.

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The ending to 'There's Someone Inside Your House' may need to be explained for some.

Most of the novel There's Someone Inside Your House and the movie on Netflix are a whodunit. The entire movie makes you believe different characters could be the masked killer. Even if you think you've figured it out by the end, you might be wrong. During one of the final scenes, Zach is revealed to be the killer.

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His motives aren't totally clear, but it seems like killing his father is his biggest motivation for becoming a serial killer.

In a way, he's one of the characters you might least suspect, especially since he has the most to lose by being the killer. He's the wealthiest kid in town and his dad is gone most weeks, which enables him to throw swanky parties at his ridiculously huge mansion in the middle of a cornfield.

But in these types of movies, the reason for killing isn't totally necessary.

Sydney Parkin 'There's Someone Inside Your House'
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Will there be a sequel to 'There's Someone Inside Your House'?

There's no sequel to the YA novel, and the way There's Someone Inside Your House on Netflix ends doesn't feel like a sequel is even needed. The story ends with everything tied up in a neat bow, even if a half dozen people in town are dead and everyone is left to pick up the pieces and act like everything is fine now. But as a teen slasher, it works.

There's Someone Inside Your House is available to watch now on Netflix.

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