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Source: Getty

TikTok Attracts Widespread Criticism for its Failure to Remove a Suicide Live-Stream


A 19-year-old adolescent live-streamed his suicide on TikTok on February 21, 2019, with an approximate of 280 viewers following the tragic incident live. 

As a new report by The Intercept alleges, the moderators of the social media platform have failed to adhere to protocol, informing the police about three hours after the harrowing event took place. According to the news organization, TikTok published a press statement before reporting the suicide to the authorities.

TikTok failed to alert the authorities about the suicide.

The Intercept is the first news organization to acquire information on the events taking place throughout February 21, including the content posted by the teenager in the lead-up to the suicide and the action plan TikTok devised to prevent a potential public backlash.