The TikTok Trivia Host Is Not Winning Over Many People — but Is That Really His Fault?

The TikTok Trivia host is not winning over many fans online. But it seems some users' angst is misdirected, as the trivia game itself is annoying.

Melissa Willets - Author

Feb. 24 2023, Published 11:14 a.m. ET

In case you haven't noticed, TikTok Trivia is taking over the social platform. And while participants can win real money for answering questions, it seems that most folks are more annoyed by the game. The host of TikTok Trivia has especially rubbed people the wrong way.

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So who is the TikTok Trivia host and why are people so upset? Here’s what TikTokers are saying on the platform about the seemingly intrusive content and its moderator.

Let's meet the TikTok Trivia host.

First, what is TikTok Trivia? For anyone who has not opened their app lately, the trivia game offers participants a share of a $500,000 prize pool.

James Henry, the TikTok Trivia host, announced the premise on the platform, adding that from Feb. 22–26, 2023, he would be putting participants’ “knowledge to the test for all things TikTok, pop culture, and entertainment.” The games take place in a series of eight live shows.

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For the uninitiated, James is a creator who counts 4.2 million TikTok followers among his sphere of influence. According to his Instagram, James is not only a mega-influencer, but an actor and comedian. His star is clearly on the rise, as his social media features James taking selfies with the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Rowland.

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Unfortunately, TikTok Trivia doesn’t seem to be his calling, since plenty of people are bashing James’s hosting style online. One particular creator, who posts as I Have a Dog Please Like Me, dedicated a TikTok to bashing James, going out of his way to proclaim that the influencer talks too much during the questions, which he found annoying.

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This video inspired many commenters to chime in and agree with the creator’s take on James as a TikTok Trivia host, with one person adding, “And he would laugh for no reason!” Someone else referred to James as “insufferable” while another TikTok user opined that he was trying too hard and instead of being funny and relatable, was annoying.

To be fair, it seems that TikTok Trivia in general is what has most people annoyed.

Poor James. He can’t be blamed for the seeming failure of TikTok Trivia to entertain users. Instead, the game has many folks irritated, with creators saying that when you open the app, pop-ups interrupt your experience every time.

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Many users who decided to join took to James’s announcement about the game to demand, “How do I back out?” and “How do I unregister?” Plenty of folks seemed to feel the game was a waste of time and took way too long — especially given how long James draws out each question before sharing the answer, ultimately revealing if you’ve won money.

A few creators went so far as to take the time to make TikToks showing people how to unregister from the game. Other clips accumulated bemoaning how TikTok Trivia won’t go away no matter what you do.

Ultimately, the good news is that by Feb. 26, the trivia game is over. Hopefully James will move on to another collaboration that goes over better!

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