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All Aboard — Each of These Train Excursions Will Make for Magical Vacations


Train travel is all the rage these days, especially on Instagram. Regardless of the destination, there are so many different "themed" experiences you can choose to take by train, that ultimately make transport half the fun. Whether you love beer, the holiday season or even Day of the Dead, there are so many incredible train travel experiences you'll need to add to your bucket list... trust me on this one. 

Train travel experiences you should add to your bucket list:

1. Northern Lights Train

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Driving through your neighborhood admiring Christmas lights is cool, but imagine spending Christmas under the Northern Lights. In the past, Alaska Railroad has offered the Aurora Train, enabling travelers to experience one of the most gorgeous natural phenomena in the world. According to Travel & Leisure, it starts in Anchorage, and heads up through Talkeetna and Denali, before ending in Fairbanks. Costing $1,459 per person, it's expensive but totally worth it.